'Tis The Season For Date Nights

Don’t be alarmed. This is not what we wear on date nights.

The last of our house guests departed last night, but for the past two weeks our house has been filled with family! It has been loud, crowded, and wonderful. Whenever our parents come into town, they insist that Casey and I go out at least once for a date night, while they stay home to babysit.  You don’t have to ask me twice!

Since we don’t see our families very often, I feel bad leaving to go out with just Casey while they are here, but they seem to really enjoy that time alone with Cullen, and to be able to provide a much-needed night out to us. We don’t splurge on babysitters very often, since it gets expensive pretty quickly – I’d say we average one every other month or so.

Last week was Casey’s birthday, so we planned in advance to have a night out together the day after. The night of his birthday we all went out as a group, so we were spoiled by having two delicious dinners out in a row. We also took advantage of eager babysitters and did something we haven’t done since Cullen was born – we went to the movies! I can’t believe we hadn’t seen a movie in fourteen months. That sounds so ridiculous. But when we do splurge for babysitters, we usually do something more engaging like a baseball game or a nice dinner out. I forgot how much fun it is to actually go to the theater. Now if only I can convince my husband to go back and see Les Miserables…

It was so nice to have family in town to celebrate with us. We spent a lot of time at home, cooking giant home-cooked meals and all sitting around the fire telling stories. But it was also really nice to have the opportunity to just pick up and go to dinner, without weeks of planning and scheduling in advance.

When we got back from dinner on Friday night, Casey’s mom commented, “If only we lived in the same city – we’d be happy to just sit on your comfy couch every night while you two go out and have fun.”

Tempting, very tempting.

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