Toddler Activity: Emotional Snowmen


I’ve been talking recently about helping my son learn to process, understand, and deal with his emotions. Whether it’s his disappointment in learning our expected baby is a girl, or just in general because we’ve been dealing with a lot of crying and tantrums lately.

I came across this idea for making Emotional Snowmen on No Time for Flash Cards, and thought it would be perfect for my son! I love the idea of using a hands on, tangible activity to ask questions and begin to open up communication with my children about their emotions and feelings.

And the best part?

They will be excited to eat the marshmallows when we’re done!

Head over to No Time for Flashcards to read more about the Emotional Snowmen activity for talking about and exploring emotions with your toddler!

How do you help your toddler talk about and process their feelings? Do you have a favorite activity that helps them to open about their emotions?

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