Toddler Caught After Falling From 4th Floor Window - VIDEO


Toddler falls from building caughtImagine hearing a little girl cry as you are working outside. You look up and see a 2-year-old dangling from a 4th story window. That is exactly what happened in Ninghai, Zhejiang Province to 4 men.

A 2-year-old little girl named Qiqi was asleep and her parent’s left her home alone.  Upon waking up, she climbed onto the windowsill. What happens next is just crazy.

The toddler caught by the 5 men. When she started to fall, they ran to her rescue.  2 of the men were injured – with a hurt neck and an arm injury.  Little Qiqi escaped with just a scrape on her face.

Watch the craziness unfold- it was all caught on video!

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