Toddler Dramatically Rescued from Sinking Car via Helicopter

Queensland helicopter rescue
A helicopter rescue from floodwaters in Queensland

The moment most people become parents, they have lots of worst-nightmare scenarios in their mind — and pretty much all of them involve something happening to their children.

It’s not always necessarily easy to imagine or articulate those scenarios, but sometimes picking up a newspaper helps.

In the news today is a good example:

Torrential rain and floods have stricken coastal areas of Queensland, Australia, as a result of tropical cyclone Oswald, causing two women and a toddler to become trapped on the bed of a submerged truck.

In order to save the young boy, the women zipped him up into a bag provided by a helicopter rescue crew, which then lifted the boy to safety, according to the New York Daily News. The women were rsaved afterwards.

The story has a happy ending, of course, but the scenario still a nightmare. While the boy might never remember it, those women will surely never forget.

Take a look at a video of the rescue:

Video & screen grab via BBC News/YouTube

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