Toddler Learns to Remove His Diaper


I have a confession to make. Tate roams our house in only his diaper — a lot. I usually blame the insanely hot summer weather, but the truth is, I just prefer wiping down a messy baby to attempting to rid his clothes of the stains he leaves behind.

I have honestly never thought much of it. As long as we’re spending time at home, it shouldn’t matter, right? Wrong. As I am constantly reminded, babies and toddlers learn new things every day. This week’s latest trick? Pulling that diaper off while mom wasn’t looking. Awesome.

Do you want to know the real kicker? The boy had a poopie diaper — of course he did. Thank goodness we noticed before he made a totally cliche mess of this place.

It looks like it is high time I keep a onesie on this kid. I make no promises about pants.

How old was your baby when they figured out how to take off their own diaper?

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