Toddler Meets Angry Birds

Angry Birds Mania!

I know I live under a rock! About two weeks ago I downloaded Angry Birds for the first time… I am so 2010 right?

My new obsession, in turn, created an Angry Birds obsession with my husband and two-year-old son. The three-year-old could really care less about it all.

And then I saw this video on one of my Facebook friend’s walls. Toddler meets Angry Birds. I thought it would be hysterical like most viral videos on the internet right?

I thought this would be a two-year-0ld who cracks up, or has some kind of almost predictable reaction to the game on his father’s iPad.

Then I watched the video and partially lost my hearing.

Certainly not the reaction I expected… what about you?

Do you let your children play games on your iPhone or iPad?

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