Toddler Music That ROCKS!

joey fortuna toddler music
Joey Fortuna’s New Album

We all know that toddlers LOVE music, and it’s so important for their development.

I’ve found that there are very few options for music lovers in the genre of children’s music that don’t make me compromise taste to entertain my children.

Call me a snob, and no offense to one of my best pals who LOVES these guys, but I’m just not that into The Wiggles. Interestingly, my older one has been exposed numerous times at her house, and just never got into it. Perhaps he has my taste. We have yet to see if the “Wiggle-free” gene extends to Fuzz, too.

Meanwhile, thanks to my rock-n-roll sister, I’ve just discovered Joey Fortuna’s new CD: That Not How You Do It.

Yay, is all I have to say.

Such a perfect title. I’m sure it came out of the mouth of his toddler. What I love even more is the subtitle:

Impressive Music For Good Children.

It seems that Joey Fortuna DOES know how you do it, because this CD is one of those that parents can listen to without cringing. The music is acceptable to both adults and kids, with the added cuteness of his own toddler’s versions of some of the songs.

The music has more complex melodies but yet, the tunes are catchy and fun to sing. Perhaps Joey Fortuna is so appealing because his music is genuine without too many added bells and whistles. Plus he makes grown-up music, too.

Some of my favorites include:

Ordinary Girl: This song starts out with a gentle melodic guitar picking that makes you want to sway. (I’m swaying right now!) It’s the longest song on the album at 3:55, but it flies by just like the lyrics:

“She’s just an ordinary girl, the kind you see all around the world, but she’s flying through the air like a bird.”

Perhaps this song speaks to me because I have no girls, or because I am one. Either way, I like it a lot.

Captain Hook’s Lament: I love this song because of it’s metaphorical brilliance. Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar:

“Don’t tell me what to do. Cause you’re not in my pirate crew. I’m the pirate. I’m the bad guy.And you shall be the first to walk the plank.”

We Went To The Zoo: This is also a ballady sweet song. It is extremely catchy with beautiful harmonies. The music is complex enough to listen to over and over and over again, which is what you’ll be doing (since you have a toddler).

What other toddler music do you like that doesn’t suck?

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