Toddler Pranks Dad (VIDEO)


Last week, I talked about how my two-year-old is developing a mind of her own, clearly expressing her desire to go home on our family vacation. This totally surprised me, but it’s nothing compared to the surprises that may be in store in the future.

In two short years, Mazzy might be like the four-year-old below— setting up a hidden camera to videotape a prank she plays on her dad.

They grow up so fast!

I can only hope that when the “pranking milestone” hits, Mazzy sets her sights on her dad too. I’ve got enough to worry about without wondering if my daughter is hiding in the coat closet waiting to scare me to death. 

The dad in the video is incredibly agitated while he looks for his keys before his daughter intervenes. Maybe there’s a little lesson in there about the levity our kids bring into our daily lives.