Toddler Sleepover Anxiety

I love his smile

Before our lives got a little crazy this fall, my mother used to take one of my two sons every weekend for a sleep over, and one-on-one day with Grandma.   They love their “Ole,” which is what they call my mother.

Well, this past weekend started out like every weekend slumber party with grandma. Originally gadding by our last sleep over in August it would have been our middle child’s turn, but he decided last minute, as I was walking out of the door to head home in a blizzard, that he wanted to come with me and Camden could sleep over.

Needless to say my oldest had a blast with grandma and grandpa, got to play in the snow, and had the one-on-one that every child needs occasionally, especially with siblings.

But I found myself calling hourly to check on him, and my mother anxiety was working in overtime. At one point my mother told me, He is FINE!  We will talk to you TOMORROW!    She cut me off!  Which I think was best looking back now!

I know this is probably normal for moms, especially given all we have been through in the past three months, but with such a high anxiety level, even when he is with my mother who I trust more than anyone, of course excluding my husband… Should I see someone for this nuttiness taking my mind over?

I mean, there has to be other toddler moms out there who have gone through this before, so I need some advice on how I can go about getting over my OWN separation anxiety!

Come on moms!  And dads! Help me out!