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help toddler no sleepIt’s 11:22 pm. Our toddler, Izaiah has hurdled out of his crib and over his baby gate 5 times since putting him to bed over an hour ago. While I would LOVE if this only happened a few times a week – truth is, this happens every time we put him down to sleep, nap or bedtime.

This kid use to be a pro-sleeper up until 2 months ago. As soon as he realized that he didn’t have to be confined to his bed and that there is a playroom just steps from his bedroom, why sleep? PLAY!!!! 

We have a night time routine, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

The toddler that refuses to sleep.
The toddler that refuses to sleep.

We have tried letting him stay up until he gets tired.

We tried letting him skip naps.

We have tried warm milk.

We have tried both lights on and lights off.

We have tried both music and no music.

We make sure he has enough exercise/energy release time.

He has his blanket. He has his PJs on. He has his favorite stuffed animals.

NOTHING IS WORKING! He won’t nap. He sleeps for maybe 2 – 3 hour increments at night.

I’m at a loss. Sure, our kids have had their sleeping patterns change, but never like this!! This mom needs H E L P!

Help a Mom Out – What Would You Do?

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