Toddlers Can Make Fun Out Of Anything

Hiding behind a trash can?  Why not!?
Hiding behind a trash can? Why not!?

Each time we travel with Cullen, I have my obligatory freak out the week before out trip – panicked about how wherever we are going there won’t be enough “baby stuff” and “what will we entertain him with?” And each time I am reminded that toddlers don’t need much entertainment. They can truly make fun out of anything.

Take this for example: on one of our vacation evenings, we found ourselves out and about around dinner time, and decided to eat out rather than head home to make a mess of our kitchen. The restaurant we chose had a bit of a wait, so we had to keep the toddlers entertained as we walked around the shopping area at the pier. They discovered this fenced in area that housed two trash cans. Yep, the garbage zone. But it was surprisingly clean and the cans were inside these wood boxes, so no trash was exposed.

The boys decided to turn the little garbage cubby into their new playhouse. Parent of the year award – right here. They just circled the trashcans over and over again, squealing with delight when they’d come around to the other side and “surprise” us. Who needs toys and activities when you can do laps around public trash cans, right?

Beyond their garbage games, in our condo they were happily entertained with solo cups, plastic signs they found on various tables and shelves, and mostly – each other. Toddlers are so into each other and themselves, that they rarely need much entertainment when they are together. They’d mimic noises, shake their heads at each other, and clutch whatever they were holding possessively and scream if anyone came near.

After quite a bit of traveling, I’ve finally calmed down and realized I don’t need to pack a zillion toys or worry too much about what’s on the other side. I like to have a few books and things on hand, but for the most part I know my son will make a game out of pretty much anything.