Top 10 Best Construction-Themed Children's Books


My three-year-old is obsessed with vehicles. It started with an adorable fascination with school buses that soon engulfed race cars after watching Lightning McQueen.  Then it moved into garbage trucks when he watched them each week with our nanny. Now it’s morphed into construction trucks but let’s be honest – it’s still anything that has wheels.

I found (sadly) that my toddler isn’t too keen on reading the Bernstein Bears or nursery rhymes or anything that has to do with a cute animal learning to quack. When I pull out my big ol’ Richard Scarry Best Word Book Ever from my own childhood, he skips right over the teeth-brushing and circus pages and goes straight to the cars, trucks, and trains.

It means that I am constantly on the hunt for new books that don’t make me want to stab myself when I read them. I’m all for children’s literature and encouraging him to read, but a book has got to be worthy of being read five times in a row to make it onto our shelves.

So to all my toddler mommas that cannot escape the excavator, here are the best construction-themed children’s books out there:


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