Top 5 Reasons A Mom Can Never Be Sick


You probably (didn’t) notice that I have been completely MIA on the Toddler Times blog this week, except to say that I was sick.

Turns out I was the first diagnosed case of the flu this season for my doctor’s office and I have spent the past three days in bed, with barely the energy to lift my head off the pillow.  I wish I was exaggerating.  Our small boy stayed with grandparents this week to avoid my germs and I spent 90% of my day sleeping and the other 10% watching Netflix.  Unlimited napping and relaxation would be awesome, except that part about feeling like moldy death.  But today I woke up with a little more pep, thank you Tamiflu, and managed to make a cup of green tea.  I’m sitting here bouncing between my Mac (where the blogging magic happens) and my laptop (where the career magic happens), trying to catch up on three missed days.

I am trying not to be overwhelmed, but let’s be honest – being a sick momma means that the necessities do not occur.

Normally, my “sick” days include steam cleaning the carpets between vomit comets in the bathroom or meal-planning behind a pile of tissues.  Sick days are more of an opportunity for me to catch up on life at home outside of the office.  Two weeks ago, I stayed home due to a stomach bug and ended up working from home, taking conference calls between swigs of Pepto.  Oh, and I rearranged our pantry.  When my husband came home Tuesday evening to find me in bed and with a pile of laundry still in the dryer and dishes still in the sink, he knew it was bad news bears.

Thankfully, my husband is a good egg when it comes to pulling his weight and mine when it is needed, so our house is not a complete disaster zone.  But while I am lying in feverish misery, I think of all the reasons I should not be sick.

  • Chores. 1 of 5
    Every time I crawl down to the kitchen for a fresh cup of tea, I'm greeted with dirt on the stairs and crumbs on the counter. Oh, to have the energy to pull out the Oreck!
  • Laundry will not fold itself. 2 of 5
    Laundry will not fold itself.
    We paid $2,000 for our washer and dryer set. I'm still disappointed that it does not sort, wash, and fold.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • We still have to eat. 3 of 5
    We still have to eat.
    Meal planning and groceries and vegetables, oh my! While I am sick, it's a pretty good bet that the boys are living off mac n' cheese.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • The office never sleeps. 4 of 5
    The office never sleeps.
    While I'm coughing up a lung and drowning in Tylenol, the emails are still coming in. Newsletters to format, spreadsheets to update, training sessions to distribute...and me being sick doesn't mean they go away.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • My to-do list is a mile long. 5 of 5
    My to-do list is a mile long.
    Get gas, pick up a card for a hurting friend, drop off a casserole for a new family, donate toys to Goodwill.
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