Top 5 Signs You're a Mom at the Beach


Hey, y’all!  I just got back from a week at the beach and man, was it lovely.

Ocean. Coffee in the morning on the back porch. Listening to the waves and reading a book and taking naps.  I’ll be sure to tell you all about it here in a short bit but the biggest thing I noticed on this beach vacation is how I have officially transformed from beach babe to mom-on-the-beach:

  • I’m all about the skin protection. 1 of 5
    I'm all about the skin protection.
    SPF 50 slathered all over me and my family, hats, cover-ups, and umbrellas. I don't even care about a tan at this point - I just don't want skin cancer.
  • I have coffee in my coozie, not beer. 2 of 5
    I have coffee in my coozie, not beer.
    An iced coffee was the perfect beachside beverage and in the past, I would have filled my Roo Cup with vodka and cranberry.
  • I’m playing in the water. 3 of 5
    I'm playing in the water.
    Instead of floating on a raft or spending the afternoon napping on a towel, I'm dodging waves and digging for sand fleas and building sandcastles.
  • The mom swimsuit. 4 of 5
    The mom swimsuit.
    Gone are my days of bikinis. Instead, I'm in a one-piece with full coverage of my rear and even a little skirt at the bottom to help hide my stretch marks. My goal is to not draw attention.
  • I’m on the beach at sunrise and it’s not a walk of shame. 5 of 5
    I'm on the beach at sunrise and it's not a walk of shame.
    oh, no. I'm walking a baby that woke up at 5:00am.

How did you know you were finally “a mom” on the beach?

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