Top Wyndham-isms of The Week

It’s been one of those weekends, where the mister and I, we rocked the multi-tasking. Even when all of a sudden, there was pee trickling down from the grocery cart, amidst a frilly haze of tutu and flying pink pom pom booties.

Even when at the exact same time my darling toddler boy knocked over an entire display of batteries.

The floor in in the middle of the checkout lane was a mad sea of battery packs and baby pee. The air was thick with a blobby mass of horrified, disgruntled and/or sympathetic looks.

But none so much as my young lad’s. He was shattered at having made such a mess. (His sister however, was grinning in complete oblivion to her epic diaper FAIL. That sucker was fresh and dry but a mere 20 minutes before).

Wyndham’s embarrassment didn’t last long however, as his Daddy swooped down and proceeded to gently talk with him about tidying it up and turning it into a sorting game. It was then (and many more times over the weekend), that our boy surprised and delighted us with his patience and verbal antics.

My kid has his own slang going on. And it’s funny. And he knows it. Some top Wyndham-isms from Wyndham-nation…

  • Awe, myaaaannnn. (Said with great emphasis on the vowel a, a habit of which he’s also gotten into – telling me which letters are the vowels in words. THIS CHILD. I SWEAR).
  • No fanks. I’m good. Fanks dough.
  • I wanna carry you. (When he want us to carry him).
  • Whaddya sayin’? Huh? WHUT?!
  • Abigail dat’s far ’nuff! (When we’re outside walking and his sister barrels off).
  • I wanna coddew you. (Cuddle you. HEART. OOFF.)
  • Can we go ride in the alligader? (Elevator).
  • BOO-YAH! (Says when excited, about pretty much anything).
  • No fanks. I’m full. Fanks dough. I’m jus’ too full in mah belly. Fanks. (Usually said after ONE BITE).
  • I halfta go to work now.
  • S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G, we’re goen shoppin’ shoppin, goen shoppin’ shoppin’. (It’s a song, that he learned from us and thinks it is the BEST THING EVER.)
  • To the drive-car Batman! (All cars are ‘drive-cars’ and the Batman business, obviously he picked that up from his father. The rest, aside from the S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G song…daycare? Himself? Honestly not us.)

There’s a couple more that we can’t just remember at the moment. Essentially this kid is owning the world in perfect stride. We, his parents, are just his ever adoring fans.


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