Toy of Choice: Daddy

How about a little snow in August?

If our sons had to pick their favorite toy of all time… It would be Daddy. He is their personal jungle gym, literally.

And there are some days I insist my husband is my third son the way he plays with the kids. Honestly some days, I am still surprised no one has broken a bone… including my husband!

We have toys up the wazoo… fire trucks, race cars, bats, balls, Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny… anything and everything they have virtually asked for, or shown a real interest in over the past couple years…

But none matter once Daddy walks in the door from work. It is actually pretty heart melting to watch.   He always does his best to sneak into the house without making a noise to see how long it will take them to notice he is home.

Once they see him…


Then comes

“Can we go to the fire house?”

But that is a whole other post in itself!

So, when I started thinking of writing about what the boys favorite toys are… I asked them and they both agreed their number one favorite toy of all time (like they are ancient and all) is Daddy!   Not surprised at all!

I put together my favorite pictures of my husband, and the toddler boy children. Some are just cute, and some are action shots which show how much of a jungle gym my husband actually is.   I am sure there are plenty of mothers out there that can relate right?

  • 1- Ben & Daddy Sliding 1 of 9
    1- Ben & Daddy Sliding
  • 2- Camden & Daddy Winning Goldfish 2 of 9
    2- Camden & Daddy Winning Goldfish
  • 3- Camden & Daddy Face Paint 3 of 9
    3- Camden & Daddy Face Paint
  • 4- The Epic Playhouse Incident 4 of 9
    4- The Epic Playhouse Incident
  • 5- The Epic Playhouse Incident Part 2 5 of 9
    5- The Epic Playhouse Incident Part 2
  • 6- At the Zoo 6 of 9
    6- At the Zoo
  • 7- Horsing around 7 of 9
    7- Horsing around
  • 8- Being Gentle 8 of 9
    8- Being Gentle
  • 9- Always hanging on Daddy! 9 of 9
    9- Always hanging on Daddy!

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