The Ultimate Rite of Passage for a Child


Every child should have a picture just like this one:  smiling brightly into the hot summer sun, with a dad (or close uncle in this case) helping them proudly holding up their first catch. Somehow it makes me feel like a good mom to find out that despite the media’s big money tactics and influence to turn our little sweets into tv and video games machine gun zombies, there’s timeless appeal for every child in adventure, hard work, accomplishment, and the outdoors. (Even for my big city kid!)

Some of my greatest memories growing up were wandering around streams and woods with my cousins in rural Virginia, Pippi Longstocking-style, and I want him to have memories like that as well. We try to make outdoors activities a huge priority for our family and hope he’ll continue to love it.

Do you make time outdoors a priority for your family too?

Plus: The thrill of catching your first fish? That’s some kind of childhood treasure right there.

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