Using Role Playing to Help Toddlers With New Situations


Some kids adjust really easily to new people and situations, others just don’t.  And sometimes kids develop an aversion to things that they used to love.

My son has had a really hard time with being scared and nervous in certain situations lately.  Whether it’s separating from me for the nursery at church, or playing independently at the playplace, both things that he used to do without a problem.

As a parent it’s important for me to help and support him through these times, so I need to teach him how to overcome his fear and nervousness and handle the situations with confidence. 

Role playing can be a great way to do this with our children, and can help prepare them for any number of situations. Such as:

  • Going to school
  • Attending church
  • Swimming lessons
  • Visiting grandparents
  • Dental appointments
  • Parties
  • Making and playing with new friends
  • And many more!

Read here for ideas to utilize role playing to teach your toddlers about new or scary situations.

Image credit: tienvijftien/Flickr