Vintage Toys Are Still Fun


Staying with my parents on the weekdays to cut down my commute has it’s perks – like only cooking four times per week, having minimal house cleaning, and drinking wine on the back porch with The Momma.  (we have a great relationship so it’s more like a fun sleepover than me living under her roof!)

Harrison has his own room in their house with cheery yellow walls and a crib and a big-boy bed.  My dad set up my old child’s play table from the 1980’s after re-sealing the top and cleaning the little blue chairs.  It’s so warming to see him sit down and enjoy the toys I loved as a little girl

I keep telling my mom that she could make a killing on all the vintage toys in the attic, but she waves her hand and says that she saved them for grandbabies.  Bins upon bins of vintage GI Joe figures and tanks, My Little Pony, and even Cabbage Patch dolls that date to 1983.  I think I read somewhere that Cabbage Patch dolls from 1983 are a hot vintage/thrifting commodity…?

Either way, I get to relive parts of my childhood as Harrison pulls out old toys I recognize and sheets I used to build forts with and a little piece of me feels seven years old again.

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