Ways My Baby Has Made My Life Better


Ways That Having a Baby Has Made My Life Better

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Having a a real-live human child to care for can seem a bit daunting if it’s your “first time to the rodeo”. I remember before I had my daughter that I was pretty much petrified about what to do with a baby and secretly convinced that motherhood was probably going to ruin life as I had known it.

Obviously I was excited and I was already in love with this little being I had never even met yet, but one look at the mommy blogs surrounding me was enough to make me think that the rest of my days would be lived out in a sleep-deprived, poop-encompassed, noise filled stupor for the rest of my days (or at least the next few years).

Well, guess what? It really wasn’t that bad.

Sure there have been rough patches and moments where I’ve felt overwhelmed, but overall having a child has made my life better in so many ways…these are just a few.


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