Weaning Report: Where We Are Now

dry earth
Not as dry as this, yet.

I’m back from my weekend away that was so uber-fantastic I can barely describe it. Ten very smart women gathered from all over the country and overseas to relax, reconnect, and recharge for a close friend’s birthday. Some, I hadn’t seen in 15 years.

I went on multiple hikes and a run, had a massage, ate delicious food, told my life story a few times, marveled at old photographs with bad haircuts, laughed a fair share, and slept!

Oh, blessed, sweet sleep! Delicious, uninterrupted sleep!! I had 2 glorious nights’ worth.

If you’re not caught up on my weaning posts, you might want to read this and this first.

Onto the weaning report: My boobs actually felt fine all weekend. I didn’t get engorged, and other than a little tingling, I didn’t really feel much of anything.  At home, according to my husband, Fuzz had a rough night the first night, but by the second night he went back to sleep pretty easily. Mind you- he still woke up every night and in the morning went on a hunt for me, despite our prepping him that I wouldn’t be there.

I got back last night after he went to bed, and although I really wanted to check in on him, I thought it was better that I stay away until morning.   Shnook stayed awake to see me, and even insisted on coming to the airport in his pajamas. I was too happy to see him to be annoyed that it was well past his bedtime.

This morning, Fuzz came bounding into my bed with his age-old cries:

“Ma mook!! Ma mook!”

Instantly, my glands reacted and I started leaking — something that had not happened since Fuzz was an infant. Shnook was sleeping in the bed with me and began to cry out: “Get off my body, (Fuzzball)!”  Needless to say, it was not a very relaxed way to ease back into my regular routine.

I had to make a choice right in that instant. Would I keep nursing, as it might return to exactly how it was prior to my trip, or should I keep refusing and let this be the end?

Considering my husband said he’d divorce me if I kept nursing after this weekend, I decided I would try to stay the course. It was a rough morning. He cried a lot, and kept climbing into position.

I made smoothies, spent a lot of time standing up, and carrying him around (since he wouldn’t let me put him down). I eventually resorted to turning on the DVD. Poor dude. It almost feels as though I never left. If I could know that he would do it once or twice a day without issue, I would be happy to continue, but I think I’m done waking up at night.

I realized, if this is in fact the end, this will be the first time I’m not pregnant and/or nursing since October 2007.  I guess it’s time to take my body back.

Anyone want to share weaning stories?

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