Weekend In Review: As Told By The Duchess & Her Hero

For the most part, I grew up in Toronto or suburbs of. Some of my fondest memories as a child are from the trips we took on the ferry across to Toronto Island to go to Centre Island, or the beaches, or the parks, or the splash pads. (Yes, all multiples. The place is AMAZE-BALLS. Sorry for the term internets, sometimes a situation just calls for it).

When we lived in the city we would go often, the mister and I, pre-babies. Picnics, long walks, live theatre, festivals, the island has always had so much to offer.

Luckily enough we only live an hour away and are often in the city to visit friends or for the occasional gig that my partner has. We decided to cap off the weekend from our luxurious stay at The Westin, from an amazing day before at the Planet IndigenUS Festival, to a day of frolic and relaxation on the island.

I may have been a little too excited about taking my toddlers for a go on all the rides at Centre Island amongst the many other attractions that the island has to offer. It was one of the best weekends of our summer by far and who better to tell you all about it than Wyndham and Abigail themselves?

  • Let’s Get This Party Started Mama! 1 of 22
    Let's Get This Party Started Mama!
    What's this this fake grass business Harbourfront? Weird.
  • Wide Open Spaces 2 of 22
    Wide Open Spaces
    It's like my bro is everywhere, he's so fast, he's so cool. I can hear him coming right now and it makes me so darn excited!!!
  • Deep Thoughts 3 of 22
    Deep Thoughts
    Wherever this ferry thing is taking me, it better be good. And I sure hope there's ice-cream.
  • Holla Atcha Babe 4 of 22
    Holla Atcha Babe
    Roar! Like a bear! ROAR! (That is all).
  • Sound Check Adventures 5 of 22
    Sound Check Adventures
    I guess it's alright my Daddy is up there on the stage. Even though I really want to play with him. I guess mom is alright for letting me wreak havoc everywheres.
  • A Toddler’s Private Show 6 of 22
    A Toddler's Private Show
    See? That's what I've been saying. That's my dad! And my auntie! And my uncle. Playing all the musics just for me. I like rock and roll.
  • Adventures In Babywearing 7 of 22
    Adventures In Babywearing
    So long as I can nap in this thing, we're good. My mama can take me anywhere she wants.
  • Cool Things Are Happening 8 of 22
    Cool Things Are Happening
    I've never been on a ferry before, but there's cool stuff to look at everywhere and I'm pretty sure mom and dad are taking me on an adventure. Only becasue they keep telling me. I mean, jeez, they seem pretty excited about it all. I'm waiting to see what's up.
  • The Duchess & Her Father 9 of 22
    The Duchess & Her Father
    I'm just telling my dad here about why I don't have to wear my sunhat. Because it interrupts my look and I'm not into the whole matchy-matchy thing anyways. That hat is way too much. I much prefer my flowered bandeau.
  • Tom Foolery 10 of 22
    Tom Foolery
    My bro and I (says Abby), yea, we saw these signs, but we were all like RIDES! And our parents were all like, YES!!!
  • Cuddle Fest 11 of 22
    Cuddle Fest
    Oh, it's happening (says Wyndham). I love my sister, really though. Even though she gets all up in my cars and business, she's just too cute!
  • Dreams Really Do Come True 12 of 22
    Dreams Really Do Come True
    I think now I understand why my folks were all geeked out and smiley. They had this surprise in store for me, and since Fire Trucks are the COOLEST...well, I just could not believe me luck.
  • Fun. Wow. Wheee!!! 13 of 22
    Fun. Wow. Wheee!!!
    This train ride. This day. Oh, I love this life. Yea, and somehow they macgyvered this hat sose I can't get it off. Whateves. This life!
  • The Squish ‘n’ Kiss 14 of 22
    The Squish 'n' Kiss
    It's moments like this (says Abby), that make all those times he pushes me down worth it. He really does love me!
  • This Guy? He’s The Bomb. 15 of 22
    This Guy? He's The Bomb.
    Oh my goodness, I just love my Daddy so much. Especially when he gets silly. It's just SO. MUCH. FUN!!!
  • Splash Pad Antics 16 of 22
    Splash Pad Antics
    So here I am taking a little break from all the rides to have some time at the splash pad. i can't believe there's so much fun stuff to do in one place and that my mom and dad found it! Now, excuse me, but I have serious work to get back to. Splashing and such.
  • Black Eyed Susan Mile 17 of 22
    Black Eyed Susan Mile
    My mom keeps saying this place is like Narnia. (Says Wyndham). I don't know what she's on about, but apparently it's cool. Personally, I like all the flowers.
  • Swagger 18 of 22
    Yea, I'm cool. What of it? I'm also one hella fire-truck driver. Did you see me before? I'm still reeling.
  • Country Drive 19 of 22
    Country Drive
    I asked to drive the gold car (my mom was super impressed that I even knew that colour, phht, she has no idea what I know.) Anyways, I was SO stoked when the gold one pulled up for me. It was like they knew! (The ride people).
  • You Want a Peice of Me? 20 of 22
    You Want a Peice of Me?
    I know. Everyone else does too. I'm thinking I should work this for all it's worth.
  • Afternoon Nappage 21 of 22
    Afternoon Nappage
    Phew! I am knaaaa-ckered! Time for some zzz's cuddled up on my Daddy's chest.
  • Check Ya Later! 22 of 22
    Check Ya Later!
    My mom (says Wyndham), loves this Toronto place and is especially giddy that we all went to the Island. Something about a child-hood right of passage. I don't understand what that's all about, but boy. I'm sure glad we went!

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