We've Got The Stomach Flu

He looks so happy, but something is definitely off.

Yesterday morning I headed into Cullen’s room just like I always do, but something seemed off. A closer look into his crib and I realized there was something all over the sheets. So then I did what all moms do – I stuck my face right in the mess and took a big whiff. Ahhhh, yes. That would be vomit.

His spirits seemed good, and he had no temperature, so I was hopeful that this was just a fluke. He played in his room for a while, and then started coughing and giving me a worried look. Next thing I knew he was heaving again, and begging to be picked up. So then I did the other thing that moms do. I picked him up and let him vomit all down the front of me. He was so upset and seemed really scared about what was happening. And just like that it was over.

He spent all day yesterday in a great mood, other than not really having much appetite. We went for a walk, we danced to music in the living room, and we camped out at home just to make sure he was really feeling better. He didn’t eat much – just some toast, blueberries, and banana – but I went to bed hopeful that it was a small bug he’d worked out of his system.

While I was up early working, I noticed on the video monitor that Cullen was moving around a lot more than usual. Something just seemed really off again, and my mama instinct told me I needed to go check on him. I was greeted by purple blueberry vomit covering just about every surface within a two foot diameter of him.  Lovely.

So we’re waiting for the pediatrician’s office to open so that I can give them an idea of what’s going on. I don’t really expect to go in, or to get a diagnoses. I’m guessing it’s just a stomach thing that needs to work itself out. We’ll camp out at home again today – don’t want to get any of our friend sick, and I want Cullen to rest and recover as much as possible. Poor little guy!

Is there anything worse than a sick baby?

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