What Did We Do Before Swim Diapers?


Parenting in this particular time in history affords so many advances in kiddie gear. One of the things I am happiest to have access to? Swim Diapers.

To say we live in a warm climate might be the understatement of the year. It’s hot six months of the year (the other six months are merely warm). In order to cope, we spend a lot of time in the water. We bounce from beach to pool to splash pad with ease.

The thought of dragging Tate to the beach in a traditional diaper and watching it slowly fill with ocean water to the point of limiting his mobility with its size and weight makes me reflect on how glad I am to have swim diapers in our lives.

The truth is, if I had the choice between swimming with a soggy diapered baby or not swimming, I might choose not swimming most of the time. So, I can actually say that swim diapers have a profound effect on my life – after all, if you live in Southeast Texas, and you don’t go swimming, you may not leave the house.

Did you take your baby swimming before swim diapers? How did you do it?

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