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What Does Your Kid Call "Down There"? Our Readers Respond

By babbleeditors |

Even before it’s time to talk the birds and the bees, kids have many reasons to discuss their … well, you know. We asked our Facebook fans the following question:

What does your kid call “down there”? What did your parents have you call it, growing up?

Here are a few of the most creative (and hilarious!) answers, which will either leave you speaking like Dr. Seuss or signing up for the nearest anatomy class! — Rebecca Bohanan


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What Our Kids Call Their Private Parts


My daughter says girls have a "Lucy" and boys have a "tool!"
Submitted by Amanda Mullins


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0 thoughts on “What Does Your Kid Call "Down There"? Our Readers Respond

  1. Wendy T says:

    Call me crazy….but we call it penis and vagina. Just like we call an arm an arm and a leg a leg.

    Why would one body part be any different than another?

  2. Yvone Scott Partin says:

    My daughter had a lot of uti when she was little and had lots of doctors apointments and for somereason she now refers to it as her body always has. she is 6 now.

  3. Daddy Confidential says:

    For our baby, we’re teaching him to say hooba-hooba. The explanation is perhaps too long for this comment box… DaddyConfidential

  4. MrsSmith says:

    Amen, WendyT.
    My girls call it their giney. But they also both know it’s a vagina. It’s a long story, lol. They also know that Daddy has a penis. Although they mostly call it a peepee or his privates.

  5. Joleen says:

    I totally agree Wendy…actually just posted pretty much the same thing on the Facebook link to this page.

  6. Betty says:

    When my children were growing up My girls referred to their privates as a fu fu and my son called his a winkie. My fault but as they got older we started to use the proper

  7. Em says:

    Am I in the minority teaching my kids the correct terminology? My daughter is 2 1/2, she know she has a vagina ( “ba-china!”) and her brother has a “peee-nis”, she knows that mommy has breasts to feed the baby milk, the same as she knows she has feet, hands, and eyes.
    Frankly it makes the “nobody touches your private area except mommy and daddy to help you get clean” discussion easier.

  8. Becky Nichols says:

    My granddaughter called hers “her china” because she couldn’t say vagina

  9. anon says:

    My son calls his a penis. I’ve told him I have a vagina, but he just asks every time he sees me naked, “mama where is your penis?” He’s also theorized that my pee comes from my butt. Ah, the logic with these little creatures. I also want to note, that while it’s probably a good idea, yes, to teach our children the real biological names of these body parts, it’s also perfectly acceptable to have a little fun with it. For God’s sakes, can you people see past the ends of your noses?

  10. Brandi Shands says:

    My 2 yr old calls it his “mimi” LOL

  11. Heather says:

    Those of you having your daughters refer to their private parts as a Vagina – that is incorrect and misleading to them!! What they see is the VULVA! Not the Vagina! So please stop saying you are using “correct terminology” because you’re not. That’s like calling a boys’ Penis a Urethra or heck, even a Prostate.

    My daughter started calling it her “Front” before she was 2 and that just kinda stuck!

    I grew up calling it a pee-pee and boys had wee-wees. I’m not psychologically damaged by not knowing the correct terminology. I also feel that some things are just inappropriate for random discussions that toddlers/preschoolers/young kids are so prone to. We can’t run around saying “Penis” “Vagina” “Vulva” (hello, sexual harassment claim) in public, so why should our little ones? When they’re older and learn discretion, then they can learn correct terminology.

    People read way too much into this crap.

  12. Hawk (yes, like the bird) says:

    Oh goodness, those of us using anatomically correct terms should pat ourselves on the back…we are clearly better at this whole parenting thing. Despite my open, honest and frank labeling of my son’s body, he still prefers to call it his Elmo. Dang, I guess I’m not allowed in the Better-than Parents Club after all.

  13. Melissa says:

    Our daughter knows it`s a vagina but has always called it her “woo woo” have no idea why but it`s always been that and she`s 9!

  14. Alexis says:

    We called it a doodle & that is what I call my daughters!!

  15. From birth we’ve just always referred to our son’s penis as a ting ting. LOL. We watched a lot of Jo Joy while I was pregnant. So it fit. But growing up my mom always referred to my parts as my “sweet tater”. She told me when she was little her mom always referred to hers as her “box”. My husband says that his was just called his “junk” but I can’t picture my MIL saying that to him. I guess I should bring it up when were there for a visit.

  16. maria says:

    the kids are the only ones that made this post enjoyable. =D

  17. ann says:

    we were just having fun with my grabddaughter by when it was meal time to tell her papa to come mangina (eat) and one day while changing her diaper and her papa came in she said PaPa come vagina with me—after that she calls down there her go go but does know the proper name and has gotten better since that episode

  18. Gina's Adult says:

    My daughter calls hers a tootie/pootie depending on the actions taking place….potting = pootie, washing = tootie, changing diaper = could be either

  19. Kelsie Harris says:

    Some of these really had me cracking up like front butt and girl bait lol. My mom always told me that women had vaginas and little girls had coochies and I would always correct her and tell her that the right word is vagina. I hated the word coochie. I don’t know what she told my brothers they had. My son doesn’t speak yet, but I plan to teach him the correct name for his body parts.

  20. Serena says:

    Why is it, as parents, we’re always so judgmental? I’m entitled to parent my children as I see fit. What I do isn’t better than anyone else- nor is anyone else’s way better- it’s what is best for our family!

    With that said, we refer to my son’s part as his “zee zee.” For my girls I jokingly call it “cholula” (yes, after the hot sauce- haha)! My sister in law calls tells the girls “Cover your froggie!”

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