What I Wore Wednesday, 3rd Edition


Hey, folks!  This week I’m focusing a little more on accessories, which took a nose-dive in the infant years thanks to a kid that liked to pull on everything and choke me with my own necklace.  So let’s celebrate the return of the hair accessories and dangly earrings!

This lovely little flower is compliments of The Pleated Poppy, who hosts this What I Wore Wednesday meme!  It has a clip and a pin on the back to make it easily worn in my hair or on my jacket.  So girly!

  • Red shoes. 1 of 3
    Red shoes.
    I get asked all the time about these shoes. They're made by Born & are the comfiest things ever. I bought them when I had a job in sales that kept me on my feet, but I love that they are casual enough for jeans but not too casual.
  • Dressed to Thrill! 2 of 3
    Dressed to Thrill!
    Harrison had to go to the pediatrician for an infection on Friday morning, which meant I rocked third-day hair in a top knot with my headband from Dressed to Thrill. Best part? Harry has a matching tie!
  • Erin Keys necklace. 3 of 3
    Erin Keys necklace.
    ErinKeys is one of my favorite Etsy sellers - this is her "Carrie" necklace & I just adore the little silk bow!

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