What I Wore Wednesday, 4th Edition


Oh, folks.

You know those days when the hairdryer dies and you’re already running late to work?  That totally happened to me.

I wanted to feel a little more fancy, so I put on an old favorite blazer and slacks, but when I went to rev up the hairdryer, the blasted thing wouldn’t start.  So it was a wet hair day.  I’m a little impressed at how well it held up without any product or styling, but it was definitely in a top knot by the end of the day.

Those kinds of days happen, I guess.

black capris:  Talbots
white top with black bow:  Ann Taylor
black ruffle blazer:  Khols (from 2009)

My favorite part about this blazer is that it has ruffles and that’s so girly, but the second is that it’s totally machine-washable.  Translation:  Toddler Friendly!

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