What My Toddler Wants to Play With (INFOGRAPHIC)


As I’ve mentioned before, my two-year-old is a tad obsessed with my iPad. So much so that she has to begun to call it “my” iPAD. I correct her by saying, “No, it’s MY iPad.” Then she says “No, MY iPad!” And I say “No. it’s MY iPad!” And then I realize we are fighting like a bunch of two-year-olds. Except that behavior is appropriate for exactly one of us. (HINT: Not me.)

Often when the severity of a parenting problem cannot be properly put into words, I express it through an infographic (see above). Now, do you understand what I am dealing with?

And yes. As always, we are working on it.

You can find four more toddler-focused infographics like the “Toddler Food Pyramid” and the “Mealtime Manipulation Venn Diagram” by clicking here.

All hilarious and all sadly, very very true.

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