What Toy Phase Is Your Toddler In?

My kid is obsessed with tools!

Evan is obsessed with tools.

I blame his father, who is equally infatuated with tools of all kinds. The two of them make a great pair, and I guess in a few years, I can look forward to plenty of handiwork being completed around our house.

What really amazes me, is how focused my son is on tools. He really neglects most of his other toys, and if he can get his hands on a real wrench, or tape measure, he is in absolute bliss.

The tool obsession isn’t a passing phase, either. He has been singularly focused on tool-toys for the better part of a year and a half, and I don’t see the interest fading anytime soon.

I can’t help but wonder if his passion for hammering, nailing, and fixing things doesn’t foreshadow a future career. Is he going to be a carpenter, or maybe an engineer?

For now, I can resign myself to the constant buzz of a toy drill, and his latest tool, a toy jackhammer. It would be far more annoying, if it wasn’t so cute!

Is your toddler obsessed with a certain type of toy?

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