What Two Looks Like


Today is my son’s second birthday.

As opposed to his older, laid back sister, he has followed a more traditional toddler route, meaning that at around 18 months he turned into a miniature version of Hannibal Lecter (oh, the biting!) and has a personality to match.

What I mean by that is he can be a frothing lunatic worthy of a strait jacket and two seconds later he’s charming as hell.

Oh, this boy. This boy.

When I was pregnant with his big sister, before we knew she was a girl, I had visions of having a son first. You know how dramatic and emotional pregnant women can be. Plus, we plan out our children while we’re still children ourselves. I’m going to have two boys and two girls. The first one will be a boy and then a girl and then a boy and then a girl. Or I’ll have two boys and then two girls, that would be okay too! when we all know the whole having kids thing is a roll of the dice. Luck. That’s all it is.

For some reason, I was certain I was having a boy. I knew what he looked like and everything. Blonde, mischievous rascal. So when the ultrasound technician informed me I was expecting a girl I was, I’ll admit it, shocked. Sounds stupid, I know. I had a 50/50 chance of having a girl, after all. But, well, if you, for whatever reason, expected one gender and got another then maybe you know how I was feeling. I wasn’t sad that I was having a daughter, just disappointed I wasn’t having a son.

But the universe was in perfect alignment. I had the girl of my dreams first and then I had the blonde, mischievous rascal I had long been envisioning. This Henry Benry is exactly who I was envisioning all those years ago. I was dreaming of the right little boy just in the wrong order.

Today my little fella is 2-years-old. In honor of this age, the very apex of toddlerhood, I wanted to give folks a look at what two looks like.

Happy Birthday, my little love.

  • Bathroom Shenanigans 1 of 16
    Bathroom Shenanigans
    Messing with toiletpaper until parents everywhere would rather go without TP instead of restocking the roll is the birthright of every toddler.
  • Helping Out 2 of 16
    Helping Out
    This is Henry "helping" me unload the dishwasher.
  • Experimentation 3 of 16
    Dabbling in make-up application isn't just for girls, in case you didn't know.
  • If It’s Broken It Doesn’t Taste As Good 4 of 16
    If It's Broken It Doesn't Taste As Good
    This is Henry crying about his "broken" cake. He has also been known to throw "broken" cookies and stomp on them because they will clearly not taste as good as unbroken cookies.
  • Party Hearty 5 of 16
    Party Hearty
    No one parties like toddlers do. Also, no one crashes like toddlers do.
  • Let ME Do It! 6 of 16
    Let ME Do It!
    They must do everything themselves. This means everything takes twice as long.
  • So Pretty 7 of 16
    So Pretty
    The fascination with sparkly, shiny is still there but take note; the days when you can entertain your little one with stupid shiny things are numbered...
  • Hit or Miss 8 of 16
    Hit or Miss
    One day they're the most popular kid around, hello-ing this one and that one and the next day they are shy and maniacally scratch at stranger's faces.
  • A Fresh Perspective 9 of 16
    A Fresh Perspective
    You get to relive your childhood delights through your toddler's eyes.
  • Let’s Color! 10 of 16
    Let's Color!
    Or not. They're just as likely to eat the crayon as they are to color with it but as long as they're occupied you should feel good about it.
  • He’s a Hat Guy 11 of 16
    He's a Hat Guy
    They're constantly coming up with wacky ensembles.
  • CARRY ME 12 of 16
    They want to walk everywhere. Unless you are very tired and then their tiny torture radar goes off and they demand to be carried like little sultans.
  • 5 Minutes of Quiet is Too Long! 13 of 16
    5 Minutes of Quiet is Too Long!
    At least once a day you will come upon your 2-year-old doing something that delights or terrifies you.
  • They’re Cute Until You Have Stuff To Do 14 of 16
    They're Cute Until You Have Stuff To Do
    The cuteness factor is over the top. Unless you're actually trying to get something done and then, well, all cuteness bets are off.
  • Pure Love 15 of 16
    Pure Love
    They are the lovingest, cuddlingest, sweethearts on the planet.
  • I Almost Forgot 16 of 16
    I Almost Forgot
    THIS is also what two looks like. Even if you just cleaned it ten minutes ago. Enjoy!

You can also find Monica on her personal blog, The Girl Who.

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