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What Were They Thinking?! The Most Age-Inappropriate Toddler Gear

By Monica Bielanko |

baby wee wee doll

The anatomically correct "Baby Wee Wee Doll," censored

I am notoriously freaked about raising a happy, healthy, well-adjusted daughter among the madness of today. It isn’t just the media that is screwing with our kids’ heads either. Clothing can be pretty messed up. I mean, high heels for babies? Seriously? And toys! Who’d have thought toys could be mentally harmful for toddlers?

I hate Barbie. I hate all dolls, actually. But if my daughter wants a doll or plays with a doll, I’m cool with it. However, I have never bought her one just to buy her one. She’s been given dolls as gifts but, for the most part, they remain untouched. That may be a good thing when you get a load of some of the dolls on the market.

Girly-girl clothing is also non-existent in this home. She wears whatever is most conducive to being able to run and jump and play. If, at some point, she wants a tutu or whatever it is the girly-girls want, great, but I am not going to doll her up because I want to see how “cute” she can look in a frilly dress or whatever.

This attitude is disappointing to my mother who always had me in dresses and the like. But I just don’t want to force any identity on my daughter. I want her to grow into her natural identity and I will take cues from her as to what she likes and doesn’t like.

That said, there is some cuh-RAZY stuff being marketed toward extremely young girls. I checked around and found sixteen mind-blowing items created for toddlers and, you guys, I am appalled this stuff even exists let alone people are purchasing this crap for their children.

This is what happens when designers cross the line from cute to creepy. Reeeeaallly creepy.

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What Were They Thinking?  The Most Age-Inappropriate Toddler Gear


Jours Apres Lunes, a French line of lingerie for tiny tots to teens, is raising eyebrows over its depictions of little girls all dolled up in kiddie bras and underwear. The little girls who model the Fille collection, aimed at 4- to 12-year-olds, wear makeup and sunglasses, aping poses of models four and five times their age. Image courtesy of Jours Apres Lunes

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201 thoughts on “What Were They Thinking?! The Most Age-Inappropriate Toddler Gear

  1. Christine says:

    WOW!!! I’m appalled!!!!

    I’m not against the BFing doll for reasons most are. I’m mostly just not for any doll that has a specific purpose and takes away the imagination. If my daughter wants to imitate my nursing she can do so with her already existing dolls.

  2. Leanne says:

    I find the lingerie especially scary. I don’t know how you justify this. Why are we in such a hurry to have our kids grow up? You will love these dolls- they are giving birth:

  3. Rebecca says:

    Sadly, people buy these things… Although… I need to know where to get these bras, my 10 year old needs one, but is small for her age, and we can’t find one to fit her…

  4. Rebecca says:

    okay, never mind… they might fit her… but they are way too risque.

  5. Lisa says:

    I sorta feel the same as Christine. I am shocked at most of those things, but we buy bottles to feed dolls so why not have one that breastfeeds…although my girls don’t need a doll specifically for that because they breadtfeed the dolls they have already! <3

  6. Cassie says:

    I think its cute when little kids step into their Moms high heels and play dress up but why do infants and toddlers need high heels made for them?

  7. Johanna says:

    The only 2 items I really do not have a problem with is the tattoo barbie and the shape up shoes. The barbie is because tattoos are being more acceptable because its a fashion trend now, but I do not believe they should have the tattoo gun in it. And the shoes, maybe the importance of health and staying healthy? Maybe, possibly? I don’t know but, those are the only two I can deal with but the rest of them . . . seriously? Who wants there 2 or 3 year olds looking like hookers??? It’s bad enough we have 10 year olds looking like 20 year olds now. I;m pretty sure we do not need our infants and toddlers looking like that also. We have enough problems with children these days with the way they look and act. Do not make it worse.

    That is all I have to say about these items. UGGHHHH

  8. Lauren says:

    Why is the BFing doll weird and innappropriate but bottle-feeding dolls are just fine?

    Otherwise, I completely agree with you in most of these things

  9. Cherie says:

    Apparently you don’t realize that Legos are widely collected by adults. Brick arms makes things for that market in mind. So in reality the Lego like terrorist figure is not really made for kids but for adults that can’t stop playing with toys. I should know, my husband is one of them!

  10. wendi says:

    i agree christie. i breastfed my daughter til she is 13 mths old. i really assume when i have my i have my next baby girl she will be imatating me with her dolls. Especially since she will be 19 mths and so curious. She already pats her stuffed animals and her dolls. IT is so.. cute.. some sick freak thought of the lingerie for girls. I’m never going to buy my little girl lingerie. SHe can buy it when she is 18. THey grow up fast enough anyway! geez..

  11. wendi says:

    yes how is that not child porn, well without not being naked is pretty sick!

  12. heather says:

    omg! what is this world coming too? and yes it is child porn!!

  13. Melissa says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me with this stuff… The lingerie is so disturbing, it’s like every pedophiles dream sick! And the pole dancing doll, really?! Some people just need a good kick in the head! What a world we live in.

  14. elvira says:

    the fact that you would include the breastfeeding doll in this collection of ‘sexualizing’ of children collection, says more about how shocked americans are about seeing/ anything to do with embracing breastfeeding as something NORMAL not sexual. sheeeesh no wonder so many american women are so reluctant to feed in public – like its being out there and overtly sexual. grow up!!! pls.

  15. Lo says:

    I am horrified. I was not aware of some of them. What a twisted idea of fun…

  16. Jessica says:

    I don’t have a problem with the onesie. I have one for my baby that says “Hung like a 5 year old”. I think it’s hilarious. Most of the other stuff I am a little disturbed by though.

  17. Jessica says:

    Also, when you wrote about the onesie on your other post, you claimed you thought it was funny.

  18. hilary says:

    breastfeeding doll would be fine with me, however like someone mentioned before they can breastfed any doll. and the tattoo barbie, while not a barbie fan, i think it’s ok to let girls know that they can be a tattoo artist as well as boys. while tattoos are not ok to get until you’re 18 in my opnion, it’s ok to want to be an artist and learn how to tattoo.

  19. gina says:

    I was wondering what kind of sick soul would come up with the hairy baby doll ( who may or may not require a shave), and found out that : ” Almost never mentioned is that
    ‘You Can Shave The Baby’ was never a
    consumer item, but rather an art object created in 1995 by Zbigniew Libera ( a 52 year old ‘polish artist’), consisting of a set of ten matching dolls in ten matching cardboard boxes. As described at the Polish artist’s website;
    “…His works – - photographs, video films, installations, objects and drawings – - piercingly and subversively (in an intellectual way) play with the stereotypes of contemporary culture.” One of his creations consists of Barbie dolls in unflattering girdle underwear, and a Lego concentration camp.

  20. Hanni says:

    I’m so glad my daughter has no interest in girl toys and sticks with trucks, planes machines and cars…

  21. Belinda says:

    OMFG these are pretty gross I must say. I have a nearly 7yr old daughter and there’s no way she is going to be wearing any clothing like this. I do admit to buying her clothes with cute things written on them like “Lets focus on me!” and “princess today, queen tomorrow”. But thats my sarcastic humour. Oh and when she was a baby she wore “nobody puts Baby in the corner”. You gotta have a sense of humour, but making children sexual is really disturbing and wrong.

  22. Michelle Santagate says:

    None of thes products are stellar but lumping them all into the same category is dangerously general. A parent who thinks it’s fun/funny to put those silly infant heels on (maybe for halloween or something) is not doing the same thing as a parent who would buy their young child a stripper doll. I understand that the mental health of a child is just as important as their physical health. But is a breast feeding doll really “mentally unhealthy”- I don’t think so. However, tassels where nipples should be most definitely is. We have to take each of these products in it’s own and analyze them thoroughly. With regards to the “lingerie”. Stupid name and stupid marketing- take a closer look at the PRODUCT and you’ll see that it’s just SUPER cute underwear. NOTHING that is bad or hasn’t been done before. BUT the photos that advertise them… THOSE are inappropriate. That’s why it’s so stupid for this company to employ this sort of photography in promoting their products. I actually don’t think you have to photograph children in their underwear to market the underwear. It can be cute on its own. I’m not really down with images of kids in their skimmys anytime after they are potty trained. But that may be extreme too. The manufacturer could have avoided all of this back lash if they’d just been respectable with their presentation. And calling it lingerie is ridiculous too. It’s not lingerie… lingerie is ONLY for adults. That link supplied by Leanne blew me away. Honestly, I don’t think it’s inappropriate, but it’s uncomfortable… I wouldn’t buy that product for my child BUT I might buy it to use for educational purposes, to help explain “where babies come from” as it isn’t in poor taste or excessively graphic. It’s actually pretty gentle in it’s demonstration, it just wouldn’t be found under our tree at Christmas time is all.

  23. Michelle says:

    My 6 year old daughter does have the tattoo barbie. But I have tattoos, her older (24 years old) sister is covered in tattoos, we’re a tattoo family. So I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. She knows tattoos are forever and don’t happen until you are 18. As for the stripper doll, wow. And the child porn? Completely over the top.

    Also, my daughter is a girly girl who will only wear dresses and has to be forced into jeans only when it is under 50 degrees. So we own pretty much every barbie ever made. *sigh*

  24. Teresa says:

    I ran, and jumped, and played in my “disney princess dresses” when I was little. I don’t see what one has to do with the other. You just throw a pair of shorts underneath, put on some sneakers, and you’re good to go.

  25. Teresa says:

    I ran, and jumped, and played in my “princess dresses” and other dress up clothes when I was little. I don’t see what one has to do with the other. You just throw a pair of shorts underneath, put on some sneakers, and you’re good to go play kickball with all the other kids. I speak from experience.

  26. Kristina says:

    Why do you think a breastfeeding doll is bad? Kids with breastfeeding moms pretend to feed their dolls like that anyways. Bottles are unnatural and shouldn’t be taught to kids as the only way a baby eats when that is not the way I was fed or my kids. Everything else I fully agree on.

  27. Natasha says:

    I think the breastfeeding doll is fine. So are the high heeled shoes, it’s not like making a toddler wear them, they’re just for non walking babies, I don’t see how that would cause damage. I do think we need to be careful with girls and help them learn that their worth is not about what they look like or wear, but just the shoes is not a big deal. Also I love the link that was posted, I think the birthing momas are awesome, I love how happy they look holding their babies. I think the best way we can desexualize our bodies and help teach little girls is by being open about our bodies and the amazing things they do.

  28. Marsha Sickler says:

    While I do have a problem with a pole dancer doll,and I agree with others that calling little girl underthings “Lingerie” is wrong because lingerie ~is~for adults,I didn’t really see anything wrong with the rest.Except the shaving doll,it just plain gave me the creeps!This country is so far behind when it comes to something like breastfeeding! We know the benefits,encourage ~BY WORD~ for new mothers to do it,but then in practice we act like its some ‘dirty sex thing’that should stay in the shadows,closets or bathrooms?! Maybe dolls will help the next generation grow up with less hang ups then previous ones? As to the Sketcher Shape Ups? Size 1-4 is bigger than just toddlers and diabetes and obesity growing at an ever alarming rate, because I believe kids are more sedentary today than ever before(spending most of their time in front of some kind of a screen whether its a computer,video game,tv,dvd,where previous generations were spending more time outside physically active)is it really so bad to encourage physical activity?Just the opinion of three daughters ages 20,16 and 12(and three sons too 27,22,14 lol)

  29. Jessica says:

    I don’t see a problem with it except the shave one because it is scary. This stuff isn’t going to damage a kid, though. Dressing your child in a vulgar onesie or little heels isn’t something people tend to do for their kid every day. Usually,it’s just for a laugh or a fun. The pics of kids in the so-called lingerie aren’t that bad. (Also, not toddlers) They are modelling the cami sets and bras for a company. It’s not like they are wearing sexy adult-like clothing. I see sets like these all the time for kids. have since I was 10. As for the supposed 3t bra, highly doubting that and betting it was a bikini top. Just like many have said about the stripper doll and shave one…they aren’t even real toys. If anything, they would be aimed at adults for humor. Anatomically correct dolls are generally collectibles and aren’t for toddlers. These facts need to be straight. I don’t really care if my daughter’s doll is. If a child has a sibling, chances are that they have seen the “parts”. It just life that people have them. Shape-up shoes are not for toddlers. Just so you know, they start in a kid’s size 2. I know the lame posts are for comments and views, but this same stuff gets used over and over with little fact to it being for babies or toddlers or kids on most of it.

  30. Jessica says:

    The birthing dolls in the link supplied by Leanne aren’t for children either. They are used by doulas, midwives, pregnancy groups, and birth education. I definitely see nothing wrong with them. They’re educational.

  31. Cyndi says:

    i got up to the 3rd photo then felt really awkward moving forward! Can’t finish looking at the rest, sorry, pretty weird.

  32. marina says:

    sorry, i have a 7 yr old daughter and i would never take a photo in underware… this is so sad.. something needs to be done, these kids are learning that being a stripper is normal… someone plz put some clothes on these LITTLE GIRLS!!! :(

  33. sweeter the berry says:

    Apparently, they advertise some of these things with the child molestors in mind. So they have things to put on them when they kidnap and rape then murder them! If ppl stopped buying it then maybe they would stop making it. think about it.

  34. sickened says:

    I was really grossed out! More about the stripper doll and the fact that a mother let her daughter wear that and have her picture taken! But I didn’t like any of it! I didn’t find it funny, I found it rather disturbing. We live in a world where we take children and give them grown up things WAY too early. I don’t think swear words or referring to a child’s body in that way is ok. Why do I want my son talking about how big his penis is, on his shirt? Can I say conceited! I don’t like swear words on an adults shirt. My son can read! Like I need him reading the shirt that you thought would be so funny to wear to Wal-Mart that day.
    This is the reason why kids are pregnant at 14 bc we as parents as making everything “ok”. You want to say the “f word”? Sure you can! You want to wear flirty underwear for who???? Sure you can. You want to wear a shirt that talks about your penis so that perverts think about YOUR penis? Sure you can. What happened to telling our kids “No. You are too young!” What happened to morals! They will be making choices their entire lives, but if we as their parent, aren’t going to guide them to make the right ones… who will?
    How is breastfeeding the same as a bottle? I know that’s what they are for… but why must my 4 yr old know that? Not to mention, she doesn’t even have anything to breastfeed with!! And just bc our kids know about it (maybe they have a younger sibling) doesn’t mean they have to copy it. It’s right to have sex with your husband, but if your kid sees that should they copy it? No. It’s right to have a cop pat down a bad guy after an arrest. Copy that? No. Where’s the innocence? It all just sickens me!

  35. JKB says:

    It has been hell trying to keep disney princess crap out of our house. (2.5 year old daughter). Nothing like teaching a girl she is not complete until she finds her prince at 16. Plus my husband and I are not king and queen, our daughter is not a princess.

    I do think though if you include the breastfeeding doll (hello…it’s not foreplay…it’s a baby eating…) you should also include all baby doll bottles to the list. THEY ARE SHAPED LIKE BOOBS!!! GASP!

    Also, before seeing the name of the company for the kiddie lingerie I thought for sure it was American Apparel…

  36. Damian says:

    The pole dancing doll wasn’t real it was a concept art i am noticing several things on this site that were art and you are taking them as actual toys that were sold the centipede dolls is one example i think the Chinese shaving baby doll might also be but don’t hold me to that one they have some crazy toys over there. Also a few of the giving birth dolls were intended for midwifes in order to explain to the mother to be what was going to happen it was a teaching tool because most often it wasn’t explained to the pregnant girl in question.

  37. Corrina says:

    you people keep talking about the BFing doll, but you’re missing the point. girls do not need a doll and a halter top esp. designed for this, they can breastfeed any doll if they want to. And that hairy baby and pole dancing doll is just plain CREEPY. And the child lingerie is indeed pornography, not to mention possibly the most effed up thing i have ever seen.

  38. Faith says:

    I just read an article about crotchless panties for 7yr old. sold in a store in Co.(?) Please what is wrong with normal clothes?

  39. sophiesmom says:

    As an elementary school worker, I see far too many outfits on young girls that are better suited to older high school students (in my opinion – no one should wear them). DAILY, we see pre-pubescent breasts, butt cracks, belly buttons, skinny jeans, and quite a bit of boy boxers and saggy pants. The parents let them out of the house like that. I do not buy crap like that – probably the only one I might consider buying would be the shoes BUT- I think the problem with the shoes is that they are aimed at young girls. There are just as many overweight and obese BOYS as there are girls, and where are their shape-up shoes? non-existent. it will all continue until the consumers do something about it.

  40. Tamara says:

    I am so glad to see some supportive comments of the breastfeeding doll. I dont believe there is a thing wrong with a child knowing what the TRUE REASONS for breast are! Why should my daughter grow up thinking her breast are for sexual purposes and not knowing what God truely intended them for? The rest of it is pretty messed up (with the exception of the panties, it was the marketing i had the issue with), but I do not believe the breastfeeding doll ranks anywhere near a pole dancing doll!

  41. Bookgal1977 says:

    I get why the pole dancer and the clothing are offensive and creepy. But you made a few weird choices.

    (1) Tatoo barbie. First of all, obviously not for toddlers. Ans whats weird about tatoos? Lots of people have them, they sell temporary ones for kids (i loved them as a kid). You seem to suggest that having a tatoo is akin to nipple tassels.

    (2) Breast Feeding doll. we give little girls dolls with bottles, but you seem to be suggesting that breast feeding is a sexualized thing.

    (3) baby wee wee: I had peeing dolls as a kid, female ones. This goes right into the play of being a parent. I dont understand why one with a penis (I assume because of the censored box) is worse than one with a vagina.

  42. MotherOf3 says:

    All of these things are INAPPROPRIATE. There are too many parents out there today who do not understand the meaning of this word. It is inappropriate for any child to exhibit or mimic behaviors that are ahead of them developmentally. EVEN BREASTFEEDING. I am 100% for breastfeeding and did with my own children. Because I am a mother and an adult. You can pump breastmilk into a bottle. There is absolutely no reason for a child to be putting a doll (or anything else for that matter) to her breast. And as for the “educational” birthing doll, the website states “They are appropriate for ages 3 and older, but with adult supervision, they can be used in play with younger children as well.” These were not intended SOLELY for midwives or educational purposes. They are not appropriate for children to play with. There is nothing funny about referring to a child’s genitals, not even on a t-shirt. And the “lingerie” is disgusting. What a horrible ad campaign and shame on the parents who allowed their daughters to pose for them. I understand that every one needs undergarments but they do not have to be provocative. I’m truly disturbed by these items and the people defending them.

  43. Terry McCary says:

    What happened to our society?..this was just too strange for words…

  44. Karen Galligos says:

    This is effin sick, these poor innocent children, babies!!! you can just imagine all the pedophiles glued to these products and who buys them!!! Take care of your child, you are advertising them to pedophiles on-line everytime you post something like this. This should be banned!!!

  45. keri says:

    As a nurse I feel it is my duty to defend the breastfeeding doll.
    If you are going to let a child pretend to care for a baby, that is a natural part of it. It is ignorant to see breasts as only “sexual”, which is how the author of this article is seeing them. In order to get people breastfeeding again it has to become a normal part of our culture that we grow up with, that doll was meant to help that cause.

  46. Pearl says:

    The lego ones aren’t supposed to be for kids, they’re for older lego fans. I think the same company (or maybe a different one) also sells sets that let you make pretty realistic looking, life size guns out of legos.

  47. Kayla says:

    wow, some of these are really messed up and disturbing…but there are a couple that arent, like the breastfeeding doll and tattoo barbie…what’s wrong with tattoo barbie? i like that not all barbies are prissy and girlie. and as for the breastfeeding doll, little girls will imitate breastfeeding with their dolls regardless. breastfeeding is not a sexual act and it’s better than teaching little girls that babies should be fed unnatural processed formula.

  48. Ann Anymous says:

    Okay, lingerie: creepy. Stilettos: creepy, but they make it known that they are not to be walked in. Shaving doll: I think I’m going to have nightmares tonight about it O.o

    Everything else? Get a grip, people. Breastfeeding is natural and beautiful. IT’s a CONSUMER’S choice to by it, even if their child can breastfeed their other dolls. It’s like: “Yeah, I COULD to that Mommy, but it’s not the same.” What’s creepy is when a BOY wants it… The clothes? Please. What’s different between that and… say… the clothing teens wear? Until that child is 18, you are dressing, feeding and clothing him or her.

    The terrorist Legos? My nephew pretends that some of them have guns anyways, so what’s the big deal? Most boys pretend that they (or any other toy) have guns. When my toddler started biting toast into the shape of guns, and “pew, pew pew”ing people, I just told him “That’s not a gun, that’s toast. You don’t shoot it, you eat it.” More often than not, he ate his toast and that was that. Phase was over in about 6 months.

    The Sketchers Shape ups? Everyone was buying them last year, so Sketchers just expanded their market. Big deal.

    Barbie Tattoo gun? I have second thoughts because it’s BARBIE. I DETEST Barbie. She’s not a good physical role model of how girls should look. Give me a doll that actually represents the American population and I’ll consider dolls.

    Point it, these are YOUR children. It’s YOUR choice whether to buy it or not. If you don’t like it, DON’T BUY IT. Like if you find a certain show offensive and you change the channel, you do the same with shopping. What you might find as offensive for you isn’t offensive for me. What you may find benign, I may find offensive. So take a chill pill and enjoy some cereal.

  49. Heather says:

    This stuff is no worse than toddlers and tiaras.That show is a pedophile’s dream. Those parents are insane.
    This stuff is very disturbing.

  50. Erin says:

    This annual review helps parents, family, and friends choose toys that promote healthy play and avoid toys that undermine it. In this age of technology, media and marketing to children, it is especially important to make informed toy choices. For more complete information about dealing with today’s play and media, go to: to get our TRUCE Action Guides.

    Also, I encourage all posters here to check out: where you can vote for the worst toy and take action to prevent manufacturers from marketing violent toys to young children.

  51. Sandra says:

    I do agree this stuff are ridiculous except for 2 toys..the breast feeding baby and boy wee we, before I get hate comments hear me out…my daughter had a hard time adjusting to the fact that I was breastfeeding her baby brother instead of bottle feeding, she kept asking me why was I putting him on my chest and not just making him a bottle, but she got used to it after 2 months of her seeing it was a natural normal way of feeding her brother (mainly because I had to show her that puppies, kittens and other animals eat from their mommy not a bottle). In my opinion girls (even little ones) should see that breastfeeding is natural not perverted.

    Now the boy wee wee doll to me is not bad because we all know boys have winkies and girls have vagigis, and parents that have boys and girls know that when you have a girl and she sees you changing the baby boys diaper the first think she is gonna notice is he has a winkie…so if this happen then every time you change the baby boy diaper are parents gonna put blindfolds on the girls because “goodness forbid she sees nature and that the boy is a BOY”

    I just think that now we are in the 21st century and we need to stop looking at things perversely when it comes to natures way.

  52. Jessica says:

    You have a breastfeeding doll in a group of padded bras for toddlers, a stripping doll, and children lingerie? Are you freaking kidding me??????

    Is this the “which one doesn’t belong” game? All health organizations agree that breastfeeding is the absolute best way to feed a baby. Get off your high horse, breastfeeding is normal, natural, and beautiful. And if my daughter, or my son, wants a breastfeeding doll, all the more power to them for realizing that that is how a child should be fed.

    Freakin’ Americans. Go look at your local stores magazine stand. Tell me how many breasts you see bulging out at you on your magazines. That is fine, right? But a woman feeding her child? That’s blasphemy!

  53. Neo says:

    You know what else I’ve seen after four years of working at a retail store? Shoes with lifts in them to make your elementary school-age children taller. Because why not make your children self-conscious about their height before you even have any clue how tall they’re going to be?

  54. Kevin says:

    You seems to be all over the map here: while some of these products are obviously horrible, others are merely in poor taste, and some are just fine- with nothing really objectionable about them.

    I think we can all agree that anything that sexualizes young children is messed up. The worst are the model shots for the underwear/lingerie. That does smack of kiddie porn, no doubt. The pasties t-shirt is also pretty bad, as are the high heels and the padded bras for toddlers. Since when were toddlers supposed to be sexy? WTF? I thought they were supposed to be kids.

    But I take exception to your anatomical examples. I don’t see what is wrong with an anatomically correct doll. Nor do I see what is wrong with a breastfeeding doll. Anything that encourages breastfeeding is a good thing (in fact I have an In Support of Bebe Gluton facebook page). Americans are neurotically hung-up about anything to do with the body, even normal, everyday things. We need to get over that and help our children be comfortable with their bodies and their bodily processes so that they can grow to be healthy well-adjusted adults (who don’t feel the need to make toddler bras and high heels for their 4 year olds).

  55. Lauren says:

    I have the biggest problem with the fact that some parent actually let their little girls model this “lingerie”. They could have marketed this with out actually putting it on a child. I think that’s pretty much child pornography and it makes me sick.

  56. wendy says:


  57. Shawna says:

    Sick!!! The tattoo doll is the only thing that’s semi exceptable. As a mom with tattoos (and No I didn’t get them because I thought they were trendy) I feel that as long as we are good role models for our children, It shouldn’t matter what toys they play with. Mine is more outdoorsy. Thank goodness, But the frnech company has been doing ads with children for awhile now. Its sick.

  58. ashrac says:

    … and they wonder why football coaches rape 10 yr olds. do they realize how many pedophiles are wiping off their keyboards b/c of these pictures?

  59. Dorothy says:

    I’m a little surprised that you chose to include a breastfeeding doll. Little girls with moms who breastfeed often breastfeed their baby dolls. I don’t understand WHY you think it’s inappropriate.

    Including the breastfeeding doll lessens the effectiveness of an otherwise well written article.

  60. chrissy says:

    I don’t find too much wrong with some of the above items. U r right about the Legos. My husband loves to play with toys & he can’t wait to have a boy, as he puts it “Then I will actually have a reason to buy these toys”. I do believe that this child lingere is absolutely ridiculous. Why are we still letting these ads be available for the general public? How many child molesters r actually getting off on these pictures. And this is a legal way for them to do what they want to these pictures. Child porn is children having thier pictures taken when they are wearing their undergarments or naked and positioned in poracative positions. Or has this changed? As parents we r told that we can no longer take pics of our own children, that we gave birth to, in the bath tub, ect. So how r these pics any different? As for kids wearing heels if they can’t walk yet they have no business wearing them. My daughter is 5 & wants to dress like mommy. I wear alot of high heels & dresses & so does she. She loves it. The only other product I don’t have a problem with is tattoo barbie. I have them, my husband does as well as most of the people we know. Tattoos are a way of expressing ourselves as individuals. We are all parents & each parent has thier own way of raising our children? So why are we still letting the goverment dictate to us on how we should raise them. Like the new seatbelt & car seat laws. Last time I checked she wass formed in my belly, this is my car that I own & my insurance that I pay for. We all want to talk about what is not right for our children but why are we still letting people who don’t know us tell us what to do?

  61. Sarah says:

    Ok, as funny and appalling as this is…you do realize that you’re just advertising for these crazy companies!

  62. Shannon says:

    I can’t believe there are parents that don’t have a problem buying these things for their kids. I had a problem even having some of the pictures up on my computer while reading the article. For those that are upset about the breastfeeding doll being included – here’s my issue with it – yes, breastfeeding is a natural normal function for adult breasts, but giving a girl a halter that looks like a nursing bra and having her wear it is just weird. Kids need to understand that there are somethings their bodies will be able to do one day but can’t yet. The rest of this stuff is just creepy and anyone that lets their kids wear it should be studied carefully.

  63. Keli says:

    Okay, I NORMALLY don’t comment on things like this, but I feel the need to speak up here!! There is nothing wrong with this breastfeeding doll! It serves a purpose and can be viewed as educational! Some of these other so-called “appalling” items ARE funny, and are clearly meant to be just that. If you can’t take a joke, might as well lock you and your children away and never expose them to the real world! I mean, really, a ki doesn’t know what tassles on a t-shirt even ARE! These ads and products are clearly not soley marketed at CHILREN, since the PARENTS have to buy the stuff! Don’t want your kid to have it, that YOUR perpgaive but GET OVER IT! The real world is not going to change because of your delicate sensibilities…

  64. Ashley says:

    I think the stripper doll is ridiculous and I can’t even imagine the type of parent who would let their child pose in that underwear let alone buy it for them. AS for the breastfeeding doll I think it is weird. Why have a whole doll for that? If you want to teach your child about that then go ahead. I personnally think it is weird for women to breastfeed in public. Go to your car or make sure you have a cover on and no one else can see your breast. Why is it ok for a woman to flash her breast as long as she is breastfeeding? It isn’t. And if you must know I wasn’t able to breastfeed because I didn’t not produce milk for some reason but I did attempt. I am so tired of people trying to make people who bottle feed feel like they love their children less because their food came out of a can and not a breast. What about those of us who weren’t capable?

  65. Ashley says:

    Oh and I forgot about the anatomically correct doll. Why do people insist on teaching their children this at such a young age?? I just don’t get it! And some parents actually use the clinical terms vagina and penis with their children. That is creepy. Let kids be kids and stop taking away their innocence at such a young age. And a girl doll is a WHOLE lot different than a boy doll being anatomically correct. Girls are usually the ones playing with the dolls. Do you really want your 2 year old taking off her doll’s diaper and finding a little pee pee there and having to explain that to her???

  66. lorien says:

    OK, most of this stuff is horrible (although the “hung” onesie is funny as long as it’s not on an actual kid) but the stilettos I think are actually kind of cute. …assuming a little girl isn’t actually expected to walk in them.

  67. Dstacey says:

    everything ranges from strange to disturbing except the tattoo doll and the breast feeding doll. my son ‘breast feeds’ his toys and i have no problem with it thats how i feed his sister. breast feeding is not sexual and more children and adults should be exposed to that fact. america needs to get over this whole breasts are sexual thing. i have a bib that i totaly agree with… silly daddy boobs are for babies!!

  68. C. says:

    I agree that there is nothing wrong with the tattoo doll. It is incredibly small minded, and old fashioned to act as if having tattooes is wrong. We live in a country that claims to be free, but “heaven forbid” a person should be able to express themselves in any way that the “right wing conservatives” do not agree with. It goes along with the rules about dying your hair an un-natural color, and wearing weird contacts to work. Why not? It’s not hurting anyone. Seriously, it isn’t. However…noooo! We want everyone to think, act, and look the same. If Mr. or Ms. Conservative don’t like the purple hair. Well then no one can have it.
    I do not agree with stifling what a child can say. To an extent… because in this day and age “cursing” is a part of most people’s everyday language. No matter how much you try to protect them from it, they will be exposed to it. What are you going to do? Lock them in the basement until they are 18? Then what happens when they reach the real world? They hear those words everywhere they go. Either they have an idea of what they are, and are completely shocked just to hear them on television or by another adult. Or, you’ve kept them in the basement, and they look like a fool when they have to ask someone what those words mean.
    What I mean is don’t over-sensitize a child. I remember when I first heard curse words on a cartoon. ( South Park, and I love the show now.) I was about 13, and it literally shocked me. Now I realize it is only because I was extremely over protected.Then I started cussing on purpose. Why? Because I liked the reaction I got from my parents, and my siblings. If you make it to where the child is used to hearing such words then those words will not be such a big deal to them. It’s just like how nudeness in Germany is anything but taboo.Everyone sees it all the time out there, thus no one makes a big deal out of someone walking around in the buff. De-sensitize people from something, and it is no longer an issue.Of course you want to teach them that there are some places they should avoid using the words; like school. Also make sure they know that over-using and using such words to insult someone is going to result in making them look stupid, or getting them into trouble. Make sure the words are just as mundane as using words like: silly,bad, and awesome. Just as support words to convey an emotion about the subject of the sentence. So long as that subject isn’t a person(unless say they are complaining about a horrible teacher Then you may want them to be completely honest, and hold nothing back.Just the way an adult would complain about their sexist,unfair boss to their spouse) .Also that doesn’t mean you promote the language by dressing them in clothes with the words on them. That’s just asking them to repeat such words non-stop even when the event doesn’t call for it.

  69. Marilyn says:

    naaahh you just made this stuff up!!! no one would ever Really get any of this crap for their little girls,right? too sick!! I don’t believe it- if some of this IS sold, the buyers and sellers should be checked out for child-endangerment.

  70. Bonnie says:

    So 3 thoughts: 1) The clothes are not appropriate. Most little girls wouldn’t actually wear it if they actually knew in detail what it was and what most women used it for, ie enticing that special someone into intercourse. The pictures are perverted and only serve to cause problems in the lives of people who don’t want or need to see them. 2) The breast feeding doll is weird only because of the accessories. I am raising sons and each of them (they were not quite 2 or 4 when their younger brother was born) each got a doll when my youngest was born so that they could baby *their* baby, and not be overly motherly with their brother. This saw us putting diapers on their “dolly brothers” and when I would sit to feed the baby, they would nurse their babies. When my oldest asked why dad didn’t breastfeed, I explained that he couldn’t, so he started using a bottle to feed his doll instead… My point, breastfeeding is fine, but making a toy to make the noises and motions JUST for breastfeeding is over the top, babies can, will, and do drink from a bottle too. 3) And my final comment is humorous in a retrospective way. I was 6, I think, and my grandfather who lived across the country shipped me a doll for Christmas. I opened it, and much to my mother’s total surprise, it was a boy! I was ecstatic! I had wanted a baby boy ever since my brother was born and now I had one. When grandpa called and asked how I liked “her” I told him it was a boy, and the name I’d picked and everything. When mom got on the phone he asked again, how did I like “her” — the dolly. She explained it was not a her, most definitely not! Grandpa was highly embarrassed at the least, but the anatomy did not stop me from playing with the doll at all… It was enlightening for me, allowed me to ask questions I might not have been able to ask as easily otherwise. Now, admittedly mine did not pee, but that didn’t stop me from pretending!! I don’t see the problem, as little girls need to know how to parent boy babies just as much as girl babies.

  71. R says:

    Breastfeeding doll is not creepy, although they should have to specifically market a breastfeeding doll. Any doll or teddy bear can breastfeed. I don’t think Im opposed to the wee wee doll either. Excpet for calling it “wee wee”. I have 2 dolls from when I was a kid. I think they were called somthing like “baby so real” or somthing…I have girl and a boy. The boy has an intact penis and the girl has a vulva. My uber conservative christian mother didn’t have a problem with them and I have now passed them on to my 2 boys.

  72. KB says:

    I was all set to call you overreactionary (exc maybe the gross French stuff) until I saw the stripper pole doll. Jesus.

  73. shawna says:

    ummm…. i have tattoos. lots of moms do. should we be teaching our children that women with tattoos are slutty criminals or something? theres nothing wrong with tattoos., why cant barbie have them?

  74. lala says:

    OMG & WOW *jaw drop*
    with exception of the breastfeeding doll, the wee- wee doll, and the tattoo doll…I have nursed two of my kids and have realized that a lot of people are offended by something so natural and better for your baby…so I agree with the breastfeeding doll for awareness…the wee-wee doll may help some kids with potty training…the tattoo doll…nothing wrong with tattoos and may inspire a young child to become a wonderful tattoo artist in the future!! The pole dance doll and the lingerie (especially the padded bra for a 4 year old) so WRONG! I didn’t have any issues with my breast size till I got to the states…again with Americans and their ideas of breasts being sexual objects and not for what they were intended for!!! (this previous comment also pertains to the tassels) Oh and the heels…really? The shape-ups…wow…let’s give our little ones a head start on eating disorders while we’re at it…as if magazines and TV don’t already give young girls self-image problems!!! And I am all for cute funny sayings on baby clothing but these are a bit much!!! The shaving doll…creepy and again self image issues… as some girls start getting hair earlier than others…Okay had to get that out! Whew! The things you find on the internet!! I don’t even want to know what it will be like when my youngest becomes a teenager!!! Crazy – scary!!!

  75. Pattie says:

    I am offended that these so called ‘trend watchers’ would even think this is ‘cool”…. ITS WRONG!!!!!! Our kids should be kids and not have to worry about grown up adult theme stuff. I would never ever in my life allow my daughters to play with any of these or to dress that way. And the pole dance doll probably had Miley Cyrus in mind when she danced at the TEEN choice awards… Come on people we need to wake up and see what our ‘role models’ in this society are teaching our youngest children. Is it really ok to allow our children to emmulate this kind of behavior?? I certainly hope not!! We need to take back the morals in society… NOW IS THE TIME!!!

  76. Elle says:

    Most of this stuff was pretty trashy, but I dissagree with a few items.

    The lego terrorist was likely created for the large adult lego audience. Also, last I checked actual legos were not todler toys. Legos are aimed at a little older audience, like elementary school aged, and at that point there are many, many toys that come with guns or are focused on violence, so this is nothing new or unusual.

    I can’t help but wonder if the shave the baby and stripper doll aren’t gag gifts not meant for children that have been taken out of context.

    The tatoo Barbie also isn’t a big deal. Tons of kids get fake tatoos, get thier faces painted, this really isn’t any different. Those are considered appropriate, but they still encourage body art.

    My biggest problem with the article was this statement by the author “But I just don’t want to force any identity on my daughter. I want her to grow into her natural identity and I will take cues from her as to what she likes and doesn’t like.” By not dressing your daughter in dresses you are forcing an identity on her, she won’t choose to like something she was never exposed to. You are doing the exact same thing as the parents who dress thier daughters only in prissy floral dresses.

  77. Cindy says:

    Why is the Baby Wee wee dolls penis coming out of its navel? I’m glad I raised my kids in the 70′s.

  78. Lynn says:

    I made a mother of a 4 year old so angry at me that she was yelling and shaking. She sent her 4 year old daughter to preschool in a shirt that read, ‘Itty, Bitty, B_tch!” I refused to allow the student in my classroom and called the mother to bring a different shirt for her or remove the child from my classroom. Mom was so upset! She had “just bought that shirt and it was so cute! ” Disgusting!!

  79. sandi says:

    yeah, okay, i guess this is what the world is coming to. Why can’t parents just let kids grow up like they should without subjecting them to things like this until it’s a little more age appropriate? the parents that buy this crap will be the first ones to complain when thier little princess gets knocked up at 10 or 12…. and shame on the companys that are making a profit off what could be seen as kiddie porn.

  80. cb says:

    totally inappropriate and outrageous!

  81. tiffani says:

    this is disgusting.. in what world is it cool to put profanity on a baby romper, talk about your baby’s penis size (unless you’re a creeper) or have dolls that promote stripping! isn’t the goal to keep the girls off the pole?! And ya… how is photographing little girls in underwear NOT child pornography, seriously some pedophile is stoked that there is finally sexy underwear that fits little girls. I can’t believe what this world is coming to. This crap is why women continue to be exploited and objectified and men grow up to be jerks with penis envy.. its like there is always some asshole who wants to perpetuate this crap!
    glad you wrote about this.. i’m scared to have children!

  82. Rebekah says:

    I don’t see the problem with the breastfeeding doll. there are baby dolls that bottlefeed, why not have breastfeeding ones? I agree that you don’t have to have a doll specifically made for it, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I breastfeed, and I want my kids to know that that’s perfectly natural. I don’t agree with the people that diss moms that bottle feed though. There’s nothing wrong with that either. It’s not like all mom’s that breastfeed just whip it out in the open out in public or something. I think you should use a cover, but I don’t like the people who just decide for you that you can’t feed your child because your in public. I have a 3 week old and I’ve been told that I should have just brought a bottle for him because it’s wrong to feed him when I’m out. I’ve had to sit in the car for over an hour before so that I could feed him because it made other people uncomfortable. It’s not like I can just let him starve! People need to stop treating breastfeeding like it’s something wrong, and if a baby doll helps with that more power to it!

  83. MontieR says:

    I am unable to decide, are the perverts that made this crap worse than the idiots that buy this trash.

  84. IAG says:

    Hilarious… because i cannot phantom that these toys aren’t jokes.

  85. Dee says:

    children are suppost to be taught by there parents…they are innocent and learn there behaviors by watching there parents. Until we as parents learn that children will mimic us to learn we shouldnt force things on them. When my daughter was born my son asked why I fed her from my boobies…so I sat down and explained it was the way God wanted a baby to be feed. As a parent it is up to use to explain what is right and wrong. There is nothin wrong with a little one wanting to breast feed a doll, but when they make a bra for them to wear to do it , it forces a sterotype on a child….Every child is different and learns different so its up to a parent to teach them. Just dont make your kids grow up to fast they are innocent only for so long. Let them be children not mimi adults.

  86. Kathy says:

    I can’t believe the remark made here that a woman shouldn’t breast feed in public, said remark having been made by a woman! It’s usually men who think of breasts as sex toys. Of my four children (all of whom I breast fed), my last was the only one I did NOT feel uncomfortable about nursing in church, at Six Flags, etc. because of the stigma attached to breasts as sex objects for men. I think the woman who “couldn’t breastfeed” (i.e. probably had a doc who knew little to nothing about breastfeeding and the FACT that even women who have never been pregnant can breastfeed) seems to resent those of us who could and did breastfeed rather than the other way around. I was so proud when my eldest breastfed her twins, in public or private, b/c it’s what’s best for them… period.

  87. Denise says:

    I recently (May) became a Grandmother for the first time and since it has been 26 years since I purchased baby clothes I was surprised at how styles have changed for babies. What ever happened to “baby clothes”. I was told recently at a Carter’s store that 12 month sleepers were considered big kids. It seems to me that if you can’t walk on your own yet you shouldn’t be grouped in with kids old enough to go to school. I cannot imagine dressing a baby/child in the majority of the clothing out there. Whatever happened to putting your child in clothing that they can play in and if it gets stained from dirt, grass, food or any one of a number of other things you didn’t worry about it because they didn’t cost as much as the last pair of pants you bought for yourself. At some point in the last 25yrs children have been told to be little adults-they aren’t-kids need to be kids.

  88. N2 says:

    I don’t have children but I’m still appalled and shocked at what I saw. I mean seriously…bras for toddlers and those “sexy” pics and poses of minors is way too much and I can’t believe their parents allowed them to do those. smh I’d like to be there when those same girls become preteens and teens and they try to tell them not to dress seductively so I can break out these pics for them. smh Just too much…

  89. Hope says:

    Yeah most of these are pretty offensive. As for the barbie-I had a barbie with bendable arms that had colored hair and my mom thought I wanted to be a punk. Plus you put fake tattoos on kids and stuff…it’s just expressive. Secondly do NOT insult the shape ups. It is sad but very early childhood obesity is on the rise. I never was, I played too much-I may struggle now but I’m an adult. Many toddlers I know now, are being fed TOO much by their parents who give them anything they want…and so they are “always” hungry…and get fat. I mean I know these people personally. I wish they’d starve the kid it’s so painful to watch the weight on such a little body. And only knowing it adds more when the kid eats.

  90. Susan says:

    I’ve been disgusted by the “junior slut” look for years and am saddened to see that it only seems to be getting worse. I’m no prude but I think little kids should be allowed to be little kids. Foisting sexy clothes on them before they are emotionally mature enough to handle the attention they bring is an act of cruelty. I think whoever was responible for these things being designed, manufactured, and brought to market should be taken out to the woodshed and thoroughly beaten. Anyone who buys this crap should be shot in the kneecaps.i

  91. Jody says:

    I think most of the issue I have with the BFing doll is that it makes sucking noises and comes with a halter the girl wears. Really, I breastfed all my children. between my youngest and middle there is a five year age difference so my middle child would imitate me when I fed her baby sister. It is natural for girls to do that. Most girls are naturally nurturing.
    The onesies are a bit disturbing. WHY would you buy something that joking alludes to the size of your child’s private parts!? OR what they ‘like’ sexually? Seriously? How many pedophiles are looking at that? Girls prancing around in underwear, wearing padded bras before they have the need to? This panders to the sexually deviant person who finds children alluring. I think these companies are run by closet pedophiles.
    A pole dancing doll? What, is the adult porn industry becoming more and more accepted these days? What’s next, a school for future hookers?

  92. Lizz says:

    I have no problem with the ones like the high heels for the baby – I so would not consider those stiletoes – it’s cute, and a little funny. No different than the onsie i bought for my friend’s daughter: black with the picture of string pearls near the top saying: ‘this is my little black dress.’ It’s just all in cuteness/fun.
    The long sleeve shirt that supposed to be ‘nipple tassels’ actually I thought those were just trees… they look like trees to me.
    I do have a problem with the cussing t-shirts, I don’t like hearing adults say some of those words so I especially don’t want it on a 3 year old.

    and I would not give a toddler a barbie doll, nor would I with Legos, an older child maybe closer to 5-7 yeah, but not a toddler.

    I also have no problem with an atomically correct baby dolls nor do I have anything against the BFing baby doll… well… maybe the harness that goes to it is a little weird but then again how else could the doll know when to make the sounds? Then again I do agree with some of the people here that a lot of the toys that are ‘programmed’ to preform actions are annoying, they take all the real fun and imagination away from the children.

    Oh and those lingerie ones… wow…. not the fact that there’s underwear for kids… sure, of course they are but those PICTURES! oh my gosh! That’s just wrong. (The first pic I could look the other way about, it just looks like how a normal kid would lounge around outside on a hot summer day, maybe she just came out of a kiddypool…)

    Anyways sometime though people are a bit over when they look at these things. The tattoo barbie for once, shoot we sell ‘doodle bears’ and we sell things that you can color and draw on yourself, plus of course the sale of fake tattoos, what’s so terrible about that? It promotes them? Ok. But do what my mom did since I was old enough I always said I wanted a tattoo on my leg, by the time I turned 22 I kept saying I wanted one. I even drew it myself with permanent marker (one of the best ways to know how likely you are to live with this for the rest of your life?)… I’m sure you can guess that I do have my tattoo but only after I was *VERY* sure that I wanted it. I’m not disappointed about it at all by the way.

    So, really, it’s more whatever makes someone happy if it makes them happy to put a frilly dress on their daughter, go for it.

  93. Annie says:

    I think that people forgets that these pictures are from kids and that only sick people will look at them as porn why? because you are thinking that if it was a woman it will be sexy pictures. How is different from a baby in diaper in a box of diapers? they are in underwear too. I am all for protecting children but we are taking it too far, they are wearing cloths not naked. And about the breastfeeding doll I agree with most girls here, why is that wrong? it is sick that you think that it is not correct probably you didn’t breastfeed your kids or maybe you are one of those that feel offended when a woman does it in public. That really makes me upset because it is natural is the best for both kids and woman why I will not want to teach early to my daughter and son that it is natural to do that and not to get offended by? everything else I agree somewhat.

  94. Momof4 says:

    They offer breast feeding classes to adult and pregnant women for a reason. Although breast feeding is a natural thing, it is important for young girls to learn to keep their breasts private as well….

  95. Rich says:

    Wow…I used to not fear for the future…those days are over. The biggest problem I have with any of these, is that there are people who have NO problem with a couple of them.

  96. Beccadawn23 says:

    The world is one messed up place. It’s appalling there is a market for these items. No wonder our teenagers are struggling with violence and sexuality run amock! Apparently, even infants aren’t allowed innocence.

  97. Tammi says:

    Guess what, babies. All of you crazy people are complaining about the girls in ‘lingere shots’ that are apparently giong to make them a target for pedophiles and stuff. KIDS DON’T THINK THAT WAY and I bet none it wouldn’t occur to any of them that the poses could be sexual unless you told them! And, as a kid who fought long and hard against any type of clothes until I was AT LEAST five, I will tell you, kids really do play around the house in their underwear all the time. And little girls will still be girls and want pretty underthings like mom, and big sister if they have one. So would it be fair to them to say that they’re too little for pretty things? That’s a whole different complex there.

    For the rest of it, most of it was jokes and cute things. I think that it’s a lot more disturbing to see kids in short skirts and such than the plush heels for toddlers. And guess what? Kids don’t need a special doll to breastfeed, but it is kind of cute. My only problem with it is that I think they should make it ‘feed’ for the breast AND a bottle, just like a real baby would. It can’t be hard to put the same sensor in the top and a bottle nipple.

  98. Ann says:

    this is totally plain out wrong. i didn’t grow up with these toys and my children aren’t either. they need to be pulled off the shelves. the bible is right the world is going down bad before it comes to an end. what next?

  99. Yvone Scott Partin says:

    I see nothing wrong with the Tattoo barbie I let my duaghter get rub off tattoos all the time! this is one is just fine!

  100. carisa says:

    that is some crazy stuff and i can not believe they allowed those photos to be on the internet.. i would never allow my daughter to wear such clothing, then ppl want to know why teenagers are getting pregnant at such a young age and having sex at an early age well it all starts off when they are young and what they wear and play with.. this is a disgrace

  101. Felisha says:

    This is plain out wrong, my house we don’t buy these things, No mother should. I like the BF doll and don’t have an issue with it, I would not buy it when I can buy a cheaper doll. The skimpy underwear I think that company should not promote these types of pics it is just like porn and should not be allowed. I have two daughters and my oldest is 14 she has a bad self image problem despite all the things I have done to prevent it. She has no need to be but she sees how these photo shopped pictures of people on tv and the internet and she believe thats the way you should look. I am trying to get her to see it in a different light. It is our duty as parents to protect our kids one way is to not buy this crap. another is to lead by example.

  102. Linda Bevier-Vian says:

    I would not want any of these anywhere around any child.

  103. Ashley T says:

    The tattoo Barbie is kinda cool! I mean… love temporary tattoo’s! Theyre fun! It seems like stickers to them! The Shape-up shoes arent bad either. It works out your legs and butt…big deal…some kids need those shoes, as bad as that sounds! The baby high heels are WAY cute! Of course a toddler isnt going to be walking around in those things…its mostly just a photo prop! I love them! All this stuff makes me happy I have BOYS….I wouldnt mind the legos, either. Its not going to make my son want to kill people. We’re at war. It might be a good lesson to teach your kids! “Kill the bad guys!” haha..that was so wrong. I agree…the other crap on here was nuts, though.

  104. Shantel says:

    While I am all for BFing (I didn’t BF personally, but it was because my son needed special formula), I don’t understand why they needed to make a doll designed for BFing AND a halter bra as well. Children have imaginations and if they see their mom BFing their sibling, they will imitate. The stipper pole doll and hair shaving doll is just plain inappropriate. It may be geared towards adults, but DOLLS are for children and I highly doubt there are adults out there who would actually collect a stipper pole doll. I don’t mind onesies with a saying on it, but it does not have to be sexual. Funny is one thing, sexual is another thing completely. I live in CO and there was an article not too long ago about selling crotch-less panties at a store designed for children and pre-teens. I was completely appalled!! Our country is too completely concerned with looks and being liked. With the clothing that children and young teens wear, the shows on MTV promoting and glamourizing teen pregnancy, its no wonder girls (and boys) are having sex in middle school and are parents by the time they enter high school… they know no different. My son will be well educated about sex and treating women right when he is of proper age, until then, he is going to enjoy being a preschooler.

  105. Crystal says:

    Some of you really need to relax… The Sketchers are a great idea… they are more than “workout” shoes… They actually keep my feet and legs and back from hurting being on my feet all day… I would imagine they work similarly with the kid sized ones… Barbie does NOT mess up kids… the media does… kids LOVE applying temp tattoos… so what… I personally don’t have any real ink but sometimes I put on a cute temporary one… it’s fashion and expression… The stripper doll… well that’s obviously inappropriate… but if you do your job well as a parent you shouldn’t worry… the funny saying on the shirts and the baby high heels… now that hilarious… cuz your under 1 year old knows what it means? No… they don’t… that is more for parents who have a good sense of humor… and yes… fake heels on a cute little baby in a frilly skirt is adorably funny and silly… when that child is an adult they will probably even find it funny… I know I would have lol… the photos and lingerie is even much for me… As an adult… I feel like I would have been better off knowing more about my body and how things occur naturally (breastfeeding, birth, etc.) so I don’t think there is anything wrong with the breastfeeding doll or even the birthing ones a reader commented about above… keeping realities from your children will only make them question what else you hid from them thus putting the trust between you and your child at risk… we aren’t delivered into this world with an instruction manual on how to be raised… just go with it and don’t scrutinize EVERY little thing… remember… you are looking at things through adult eyes… not a toddlers…

  106. Heather says:

    My mom gave me my first set of lingerie the day of my wedding. That, too will be the only time I would buy it for my girls.

  107. Denae says:

    No wonder our youth is in trouble. Shame on parents for thinking some of these things are appropriate for their babies. My husbands brother got my son on his third birthday a shirt that said ” Lock Up Your Daughters” and “Player”. I didn’t even donate them I chucked them in the garbage. I don’t think stuff like that is funny but I find it crude and disrespectful. That is not how I am raising my kids. As for dressing your child the way YOU like….why not? A baby is too young to have an identity. When they get a little older….4 and up ( some times younger)….they are very quick to let you know what they like and how they like it. I think us as parents can over think somethings. Kids will figure out on their own who they want to be ( and that changes a million times a week) no one has to teach them that! We shouldn’t be making an issue out of every stinking thing ( coloring books…good or bad? Frills or overalls? toys with batteries or not?). RELAX!!

  108. Ariel says:

    I’m terribly sorry, but I have to disagree with some of these things. The vulgar onesies and the weird nipple tassles and bras aside, I see nothing wrong with the breast feeding doll nor do I have a problem with the ‘Baby Wee Wee Doll.’ Perhaps, as an eighteen year old, I have a different view from you, but, well, I was raised by an artist. I saw nudity, both in artwork and on models, fairly regularly, and I wasn’t scarred. I actually feel that it made me a better adjusted person who realizes that nudity is not necessarily sexual, which is an important lesson that many of you seem in need of learning.

    I don’t think that doll is meant to be educational, I just think it’s representative of what children probably have already seen if they have ever been around babies of the male persuasion. It’s not a sexualized doll, it’s just a doll that happens to be anatomically correct. I’d have no problem with my younger sibling playing with that.

    Also, I see no problem with bras (not necessarily padded ones) being marketed to girls of eight or nine. I developed early; I /needed/ bras when I was that age, so acting like they are some sort of sexualizing monstrosity is ridiculous. And, as far as I’m concerned, the problem with the so-called ‘lingerie’ is in the marketing, not the product itself. I looked at the product and, well, it’s just underwear. It’s cutesie underwear, but plain old covers-up underwear nonetheless. The way those girls are posed are the real problem. And, well, they aren’t toddlers. That isn’t toddler gear.

  109. Tiki says:

    Done fapping.

  110. Maggie says:

    Don’t see anything wrong with the breastfeeding doll but have to agree with others on here that you can do the same with most any doll. The doll may suck (literally) but what is it going to suck on? lol As for the Shape-Ups, the whole point of being healthy is that you are active…and kids can be active in ANY pair of tennis shoes. Parents are better off buying their kids sports toys. Who says little girls can’t play baseball or football or soccer? Hell, they don’t even NEED toys to get their kids active. I used to love going outside and climbing trees and making mud pies and all that fun stuff as a kid. Let the girls outside and they’re sure to get some exercise! Retailers have us thinking we need their products for that sort of stuff, but it’s just a lie to get us to spend our money.

    And those pics of little girls in underwear are just disgusting. Why do there need to be pics of the girls in their underwear, anyway? Why not just show the underwear by themselves without the girls in ads? The whole point of modeling clothing is that others will see you in them. Who the hell is going to see a little girl in her underwear? Who is she supposed to be impressing? *shudders* Whatever happened to little girls wearing underwear with their favorite characters? Lingerie is for SEDUCTION. Little girls should not be wearing seductive clothing or be put in seductive poses. What mothers buy this crap for their children?

  111. Jay says:

    So…after reading this “article” am I correct that you can just not do any research and regurgitate any old thing? Half the things you’re enraged about aren’t even what you think they are.

    Seriously. Want to be viewed as credible? Do some research before posting this kind of tripe. You could’ve found out how stupid you were going to sound with a few simple Google searches.


    *shakes head*

  112. Early Childhood Educator says:

    As an Early Childhood Educator, and a mother, I am disgusted by most of these items. The doll with the genitals is nothing new — our college lab school/day care had them 22 years ago, and they were/are benign. While very strange, I don’t find the breastfeeding doll offensive. I would hazard a guess that all children who have been exposed in a positive way to breastfeeding will, at some point, imitate the behavior with a stuffed toy or doll, regardless of their gender. Imitating adult behavior is just what children do as part of their play. The children depicted on the box seem a bit old, but that seems to be the case with most toy packaging I observe.

    I must say that I am truly shocked that there are enough buyers of these items to keep them being produced!

  113. Becky E. says:

    These are disturbing, with the exception of the LEGO warriors. A lot of adults use LEGOs to create dioramas, so the figures are geared toward a more mature market. The problem would be if parents buy the figures for their children; THAT is inappropriate!

  114. Samira says:

    I agree feeding baby is important and to learn breastfeeding is best before having one of your own is great too I probably wont wast money on buying her one specifically for that she can pretend with one she already has the bra is something she’ll need to get used to eventually but it doesn’t need to be padded just buy a regular training bra for the lil tike and as for the lingerie uhhh no no and double no way that’s just creepy in all sorts of ways I agree all for teaching proper names early but a doll for it is just too much and yeah curse words for toddlers too much the spank me onesie and the pole dancer way too much this world is getting totally screwed up kids grow too fast as it is don’t push it with risque crap like this

  115. Kelly says:

    I don’t think that the tattoo barbie is bad. it’s just exactly like the other barbies, like the vet barbie and the doctor barbie and the babysitter barbie and the princess barbie, it gives our children more options to think about when deciding what they would like their future to be like. Are any of you really going to say “NO, you absolutely can NOT be a tattoo artist because it is wrong”, no, of course not, you’re going to be so very proud of them for finding their passion, finding something they’re good at and making it a successful career. Body art is just that, ART. they’re not encouraging children to go out and get tattoos, at least, no more than we do by purchasing them temporary tattoos. And so what if my 5 year old wants a tattoo? it’s not like i’m going to take her down to the shop and have her inked. let her decide what she wants and what she doesn’t and when she’s old enough to do those things, then fine. it’s her life.

  116. Susan says:

    Two years ago at Christmas I saw a onesie in Spencer Gifts’ window that said “What the f__k are you looking at?” (yes, the word was spelled out on the tee!) It made me absolutely sick to my stomach. When I went inside the store to complain to the manager about displaying it in the window, there was a very young mother in the store with her baby in a stroller. Her very young friends thought the shirt was hilarious and one of the boys wanted to buy it for the baby. Mom said okay. I turned to the mother and asked, “Is that really something that you want to put on your beautiful, pure and precious little baby? You have the power to say no to your friends and protect your daughter’s innocence.” I truly expected to be cussed out. She declined the “gift” and thanked me. Said she hadn’t thought of it that way. She only saw the humor in it. The truth of the matter is that at first glance some of these things do make you chuckle. But to put them on an innocent baby just takes it too far. —— As for the Skechers for toddlers – I sold children’s shoes for many years. These and so many other shoes are so adorable, but babies who are learning to walk need to develop strong feet and ankles. Their feet need to be flat and in a natural position with good support to develop properly. You would be shocked to know how many pre-schoolers have difficulty with coordination (hopping, skipping, jumping, etc.) because of their foot problems. Talk to a physical therapist and ask them how many children they treat for this problem. You’ll be shocked!!

  117. Erica says:

    HAHAHA it is amazing that in the year 2012 so many people are still so ridiculously close minded. I can see how some things are slightly inappropriate but for the most part these things are fine. Who cares if the child has a funny shirt on or cute little shoes at an age where they can not read nor understand the meaning of it. If it was influencing the child in a bad way then yes it would be inappropriate but it is not. Its not going to make the child grow up to be a hooker or use the bad language on the clothing. Also lets all grow up and realize that tattoos are not evil or marks of the devil, it is a form of art and a very good majority of people have them now. The barbie isnt saying go get one its just showing that they are not bad like some people perceive them to be. And god forbid we put children in sneakers that promote being fit. Seriously how did those even get on this list? Children are becoming more and more obese thanks to terrible parenting and now I see why, because some nut jobs think that shoes meant to help with getting in shape are inappropriate. Breastfeeding and human anatomy…both things that are natural. Stop trying to shelter children so much. Sheltered children are the ones that usually end up getting into the most trouble due to the fact that they know so little about the world and once let loose will go crazy with their sudden freedom. You are not doing anything to help your children by doing this.

  118. Heidi says:

    The shape ups I don’t really have a problem with. I bought a pair for my daughter last year but only because they were on clearance for $25 (75% off!) from what I have researched they aren’t really an effective weight loss tool. The curved bottoms actually help my 10 year old to be more active by helping her run better and she wears them all the time.

  119. mary r says:

    i really don’t think that most of these items are offensive or abusive the shape ups are for the over weight toddlers. the heels are just foam the dolls are no worse than the barbie with the camera inside but that toy didn’t seem to make the list. as far as the undies goes most lil girls want to be like mommy so if they want to wear a bra with padding to have boobs too they are not thinking of it sexually only as i look like mommy now too. parents now a days are too over protective…by the way if i got a dolly i would not mind if they were anatomically correct if you remember the baby dolls from the 80′s they did have the correct body parts boys had stubbs and girls didnt it teaches kids that there is a diffrence between boys and girls not what they are “used for” get over yourselves and let kids be kids explore and learn what they will need and forget what they dont

  120. Dannii says:

    i personally think the tattoo barbie is cool, unlike some of the other pretty bad ones, like bratz dolls with g strings on, but the onsies, the lingerie, the bra’s and other filth is going WAY too far. Kids are called kids for a reason. they dont need to be made to grow up any faster than they need to.
    Normal kiddie training bras are perfectly fine in my opinion, but the padding and shit like that are not.. They designers definatly need to think things through alot more

  121. Rachel says:

    Thanks for posting an interesting topic.

    I see how many of these can be construed by the wrong mind as perverted, and for that reason, I wouldn’t want the underwear pictures or the nursing bra baby in public, but most are not explicitly sexualized. Nursing, especially is not a sexual act, it’s a mothering act. I want my child to think that it is normal to want to be a mommy. Honestly, I’d rather the girl think that nursing is more normal than bottle-feeding, since it is more normal and far healthier. :)

    As for the anatomically correct dolls; again, I think it’s what you make of it. Educating children is not an introduction to sex.

    The bras and the high heels are a little girl wanting to be grown up. I think you’re right; I wouldn’t stress it too much, but neither would I encourage it. I might draw the line at actually buying a bra for my four year old, although I can understand that her desire for it is innocent. The padding bothers me a little, since it encourages the perception that bigger breasts are more beautiful.

    For the double entendre items, like the “preschooler” onzie and the tassled and “spank me” shirts, I can totally see a crude dad wanting to tell a joke with his kid that doesn’t understand it, but they are wrong. These items pose a risk of not only telling a sexual joke, but sexualizing the child. Terrible.

    And really, is that pole dancing doll REALLY for a child? I can’t imagine.

  122. Tasha says:

    I am not against most of this stuff! And several of the things that were posted are directed towards kids who are much older than toddlers. I understand what is wrong with the lingerie, though some kids, including my sister since she was 11, need to wear bras! Padding, though, is another story. But the soft baby high heels are just cute (I personally loved dressing up as a kid, though my mother and father dressed me in nothing but overalls and tee-shirts), the tattoo barbie is marketed to kids who are about 11 or 12 if not older, and the breast feeding doll is just teaching a child how to do something that will be important when they really do have a child, or that they just want to imitate their mommy by doing. Some kids need shape ups, which not only are for toning your butt, but can also make a kid look up to their parent and say “I think I will walk with mommy because I am cool and have shoes like her! I am a big girl, so I can exercise too!“ What is wrong with that? I disagree with the boobie tassle shirt, the kids’ pictures in their undies, the violent legos, the pole dancing doll, the wee wee and shave the baby dolls, and the shirts with nasty words or innuendo, but I think that a lot of other people would agree with me that there is nothing wrong with the other things posted.

  123. Stephanie says:

    These are horrifying! I mean, the tattoo barbie, I can actually live with, I think of it like “Doodle Bears” only as a barbie, but all the other things, it’s just…just wow. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! The people who made those are true idiots and if my future kids want any of those things(if I have kids, which I hope to) I’m going to tell them “no”, but, hopefully, A: they won’t want them and B: people will get back to letting them be them. *sighs*

  124. Jessica says:

    Sometimes my head spins by how often people’s own ignorance forms a basis for what they choose to have a fit over. Then again, this article doesn’t come as any surprise as the author pre-defines herself as a mother who won’t buy her kid a doll. The word lingerie is French in origin and despite today’s popular assumption that it means “sexy underwear” it does not. Lingerie refers to women’s under garments and sleepwear of any kind. While I can’t really get my head around why one so little would need a padded bra, the truth is the kids in those photos are more covered than little ones I’ve seen romping the public beach in barely there bikinis while their mother’s ohh and ahh over how “cute” they look. Toys are JUST TOYS until some adult ASSIGNS a deeper meaning to them. By the by, another poster is correct, not all toys are created for kids. Adults collect dolls, Barbie, Lego, etc. In fact, there is an entire line of Barbie designed just for the adult collector with price tags to match. It’s up to the individual parent to decide what toys are and are not appropriate for their children. Here’s the bottom line, sales drive the market, not complaints. Don’t like a product? Don’t buy it! If enough people don’t buy it, it will disappear from stores before you know it. Also, if you want people to take you seriously, do your research before you post stories like this. It makes any author look foolish to be complaining about a children’s toy that is not actually a children’s toy. Lastly, breastfeeding is a natural thing and a common place occurrence around the world (except in America where we’ve apparently decided boobs are sexual and nothing else). The toy in question, not sold in American stores, but even if it was, you have the choice not to buy it for your kid but let’s please not pretend that a child needs that specific doll to emulate what they see their mommy’s do or that there is anything wrong with breastfeeding.

  125. J Lala says:

    Yea the lingerie is going too far I will admit that, The shaving doll is kinda weird and the nipple tassle printed shirt is just dumb but nothing else on here is too risque. Who is the prude that wrote this article? Must be santorums wife or sister. The shape ups are a great idea for a country such as ours where obesity is such a problem teach them young to be fit and in shape so that stays with them throughout life. The onsies are just hilarious my favorite is one I seen at spencers gifts that said “Daddy only wanted a blowjob” As for the wee wee doll whats wrong with that? I mean we all have genitals or maybe the woman who wrote this doesnt and thats why she is against the dolls. Toys are toys big deal if barbie comes with a tattoo machine and lego characters come with FAKE guns. Im guessing as a child you grew up watching the roadrunner blow up Wile coyote over and over again, with no i’ll effects……..nevermind disregard them last four words your clearly the only one who them type of cartoons fucked up.

  126. J Lala says:

    Damn, I forgot to comment on the dolls the breastfeeding one is perfect children need to understand what that is why it happens and that nothing is wrongful or shameful about it and if they want to imitate mommy feeding their younger sibling they should be allowed to do so. The pole dancing doll is fine too, pole dancing is so mainstream now you can join a class for it at the ymca and there is a world competition for it. Its not just something found in some dimly lit gentlemans club.

  127. gigi says:

    So, some of the things on this list seem weird and slightly disturbing, like the padded bra and tassel shirt, but I think there is also a little bit of overreacting in this article. For instance, I don’t see anything wrong with a tattoo barbie, since I drew on my barbies as a kid sometimes. I would wear my mom’s high heels or she would give me old ones to play dress up with from a very young age, and if the baby’s just sitting there and they are not uncomfortable, who cares? Kids are going to make their legos into terrorists and Nazis anyway, so might as well market them that way. Even the breast feeding doll seems fine to me-I never pretended to breast feed dolls, but my friends and I did stick balloons up our shirts to pretend to be pregnant. These toy makers have just identified how kids play are marketed towards that. Good job for them! Smart business move.

  128. Molly W says:

    The only one I can think of as not mentally harming is the shaving doll. How many little boys see Dad shaving and get a plastic “razor” so they can do it, too? Granted, giving a toddler anything relatively sharp is a bad idea, but if there’s not actual sharp blade I’m all for it. It beats little Jimmy trying to shave the cat with one of his Dad’s Gillettes. However, that’s as far as these toys should go. I have already decided that I am not giving my daughter Bratz or Barbies, even if she asks for them. Baby dolls are as far as it goes. Bratz are dressed SO immodestly it’s disgusting, and Barbie can seriously harm a girl’s self-image with her voluptuous proportions. If Barbie was real, given her proportions, she’d actually look more like the hunchback of Notre Dame. She’d be over 7 feet tall, with a 30 inch waist and 60 inch bust. How is that healthy? Nope, not happening. and if she wants to play with her brother’s Tonkas, then so be it. Chances are she’ll either grow out of the car stage as she gets older, or she’ll end up working in the car industry and having a fondness for cars. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

  129. ashlea says:

    I saw no harm in most of those things. Someone wearing a onesie probably can’t read so no harm in the shirt.
    The lego, kids are going to see that stuff everywhere. News, media.
    Bras, they didn’t look like inappropriate lingere, they looked like a safe idea for a kid who wants to play dress up. And the pictures really weren’t that bad. You see worse at the beach every day.

  130. Melinda says:

    I think most of these are not right. The tattoo barbie, come on, lighten up. You are making the tattoos out to be as bad as boob tassels for little girls. Tattoos are nothing.

  131. pranantha says:

    Americans are such tight-a**es now. Your Puritan is showing. Pic 2 is adorable! 3 is cute too. That child porn comes into your head shows *you* sexualize children. Children do put on their mom’s lingerie as well as their hijabs and wedding sari. It isn’t sexual. That Americans think its so makes me wonder what the heck is going on over there. 5 and 10 are HILARIOUS! Brit humour. And I’ve seen girls ‘breastfeeding ‘ their dolls, Y not an actual breastfeeding doll.

  132. Kiwiaussie says:

    I used to be anti the padded bras too. Infant I ended up in the paper 14 years ago complaint about the idea. But then my now 18 year old started developing. She has Aspergers Syndrome, and is very sensitive to touch. She became extremely sensitive in that area (if her clothing brushed against her chest she freaked out -so mostly wore Lycra clothing. Padded bras were the only thing that gave her any relief. In fact she still finds that at certain times of the month, which really annoys her as she is large breasted, and hates to add to that with padding! But anyway, my point is that sometimes there is a good reason to wear these things that I was so rabidly anti once upon a time. And the ones she had were all either plain or cute. Not sexy in any way. A lot of these things do still bother me, but I have learned to think things through before jumping to conclusions. And yep, those underwear photos are seriously disturbing. The underwear itself didn’t phase me, but the pictures are totally unnecessary.

  133. marisa tobey says:

    I agree with the breastfeeding comments… it is so frustrating to me that bottle feeding dolls is okay but breastfeeding your dolls is not. Why shouldn’t children model this behavior? It’s a lot healthier than bottle feeding.

  134. Marie says:

    I am totally appalled. I cannot imagine have ever put any of those clothes on my baby girl. No. 1, they are totally inducive to child molesting and child porn! I was sexually abused as a little girl and that clothing would have just invited it to be worse than it actually was! How can people do that to their children!

  135. Lulu says:

    Although some of these things are really disturbing, I have no idea why the shape-ups are there. Obviously the kids have no idea it’s a toning shoe, so it shouldn’t affect their self esteem, and they’ve actually been shown to improve posture. I have no issues with my child being able to stand properly.

  136. tj says:

    this should be taken down … the images of little girls in their undies should never be shown here.

  137. Ashley says:

    I disliked everything until I got to the tattoo barbie and honestly, I don’t see a problem with it. I am a tattooed mother and have said numerous times that if my son wants tattoos (he has to earn the $ to pay for them) I am for it. It’s art and unless it’s crude or offensive, I see nothing wrong with them. And I remember many years ago having a doodle bear and was able to draw on it with a marker….what’s the difference? If Barbie is going to be on this list, ALL Barbies need to be as I’ve heard forever that they give young girls an unrealistic outlook on how they’re supposed to look. The rest is weird, especially the underwear and tassel shirt…. :o

  138. Amy says:

    Breastfeeding is NOT sexual. And a child imitating their mother breastfeeding a child is absolutely not the same thing as a child imitating a briefly witnessed sexual scene. The second is an intimate moment that should ONLY be shared by two consenting adults. The second is feeding a child. I am the second oldest of six and watched my mom breastfeed all of my younger siblings. I also fed my baby dolls the way (at least in my eyes) all babies ate. (Obviously as an adult I realize now that babies are fed in other ways as well.) Young children pretend to bathe, rock, pat, and play with their own “baby dolls” it would be very odd for them not to pretend to feed them. And the best food for babies is mommy’s milk. My experience as a child is one of the reasons I was very comfortable with and completely expected to breastfeed my own children. (and do!) Not that it takes away the difficulty. But my expectation was that I would breastfeed my children just like I expected to clothe and diaper them.

  139. Tiffany says:

    The breastfeeding doll shouldn’t be weird, dolls are sold with bottles ALL the time and the idea is to expose young girls to BFing instead so they don’t associate bottle and baby immediately.
    The rest of the stuff is just wrong & I’m offended when I see all the “girl” toys advertised on TV. The toys are all aimed at clothes & pets. At least when they advertised domestic toys the kids could pretend play. They make girls seem like poufed up morons. I’m the mom of an 11 month old girl & sure I’ll buy her barbies but I also buy her legos and pretend tool sets. Sure I dress her in cute dresses & skirts but she also has jeans and overalls. People think I’m weird because I’ll put her in an pretty easter dress & then let her play in the grass. They’re only kids once & dirt can be washed, let them be kids!

  140. Anna Hill says:

    I cant believe people waste money on such garbage. some of this stuff is awful and some just unneccessary.

  141. Soraya says:

    Pedophiles will love these… Come on parents and guardians, why let/make your kids wear such things when you know there are horrible people attracted to children. By letting your children wear these stuffs you’re making them easy targets to this evil people. It’s not cute at all. It’s like bait to predators.

  142. morgan says:

    i am not against the bf doll, my little sis pretended to bf her dolls when she saw me bf’ing my son and the tattoo barbie, well i had transfers when i was little and there are loads of glitter tattoos out there for little girls but the rest is disgusting! pole dancing??? lingerie??? high heels?? omg just let kids be kids!!

  143. Angela says:

    While I would agree with 90 percent of what you have posted I would like to go on record as saying “there is a time and a place for everything” While the tassel tees and wee wee doll maybe going a bit too far, I see nothing wrong with a little fun family joke. I myself invested in tees 4 my toddlers with the phrase ” my dad can kick your dads @&&” it was all in good fun and not something I put him in to go to church! I put it on him once to take pictures and upload to facebook for a good laugh with my friends and family. I am very surprised however that the bratz dolls are not at the top of this list! I have no major issues with my daughter playing mommy to a tiny plastic baby doll. But the idea that it is normal or even cool to dress like a prostitute astounds me! There are limits I would hope peoples common sense would draw for them. I guess that common sense isn’t so common amongst the toy makers!

  144. gem says:

    Ok, the shirts with risque images and swearing, are for kids just wrong, as are the pole dancing and shaving doll, but the anatomically correct doll, what’s wrong with it, they’ve been around for donkeys years, and we have enough problems in getting society to accept breastfeeding with out telling our kids its wrong and disgusting and shouldn’t be mimicked. The lingerie, I developed early and would have loved pretty undies, however padded bras, nah not for 4 year olds, and all is wrong with the pics s how they’re posed.
    The one thing that we are all missing bout the shape ups is that they mimic walking bare foot, but at the same time support the foot without damaging the joints and ligaments, they are proven to aid posture and muscular skeletal issues, and as one post said, quite frankly there are some kids out there who need them quite badly.

  145. lory says:

    who are the morons that thought this crap up. and who are the bigger morons that is buying it this is sick and twisted stuff and who ever came out with it should be shut down let our kids be kids and stop saleing crap that makes our kids think of things like this. geez really

  146. Dawn says:

    As a “heavily” tattooed mama, I dont see anything wrong with tattoo barbie. My daughter is only 2, but I WILL be teaching her tattoos are a permanant thing, and that she won’t be getting any until she’s 18. I also don’t see anything wrong with the breastfeeding doll as I’m a doula, and find breastfeeding very natural. The rest, however, are disgusting.

  147. Steven says:

    These toys are scary, we do not push girly things or watch princess movies, yet my little girl always wants to wear her hand me down princess and other frilly dresses. I don’t feel I need make her bare the weight of my issues. The dresses are harmless.

  148. Becca says:

    Seriously, any of this is only as wrong as the parent views it. If u are uncomfortable with it for ur kid then dnt get it bt it doesnt make it appalling or wrong. I have just one child atm an hope to have more, my girl is now 8 an quite frankly is a wonderful happy young girl. An guess what her mummy is porn star! It is how u react to these things that makes them wrong/appalling. My child has grown up in a world that celebrates sexuality an in all honesty I wud rather that than sum of the stuck up crap I see on tv if u push on to the child the sexual side of these an many other items it is u that is an appalling person a child will not see even a pole dancing dole as a sexual thing unless u make the link for them than really u need to question what u are doing there. Let kids to play with what ever us out there an they can find there way in the world

  149. Vince says:

    I can understand some items in this list but the “I’ve done f*ck all all day” onesies and baby wee wee doll I don’t really understand.

    Why is it that the human penis or vagina is treated like a cancer? We all have them and although I’m not saying that everyone should just go around letting their junk flop around in the wind, over censoring the things that our children see such as the same body parts that they and everyone else on this planet has will only cause them to grow to feel insecure and ashamed of their private parts. Just treat like any other part on the human body.

    As for curse words, the only reason people get offended by these words is because they still choose to be offended. Sure people that say fuck or shit or cunt willy nilly don’t really seem that intelligent, but that’s why we should point that out to out children and give them better alternatives when it comes to teaching them to express themselves through words. A song comes on MTV where every second word is fuck or bitch, instead of freaking out at the TV and writing angry letters and treating these people like they raped churches and burned wives, we laugh and the mental midgets on the screen who still haven’t developed the proper linguistic skills that we had the foresight to teach our children early on.

    And for fuck’s sake you’re reading far too much into this and giving meaning where there is none. It’s a damn shirt that’s meant to be funny.

  150. Andrea says:

    since the beginning children have played with “violent” toys this is not a new invention just because it’s terrorists and not lead soldiers anymore !!!
    however i do agree that the underware for girls and babies and the high heels are a bit sick.

  151. april bittick says:

    this is truly disgusting. yes i do agree the children are adorable so dont get me wrong but um why would you have a toddler pose like some of them are. these look like child pornography and whoever is designing and then buying these clothes and or toys should realize there is sick and twisted people out there and you are automatically putting a bullseye on your child for someone to do some potential. be ashamed this is just so wrong and sickens me!!!

  152. bagel says:

    Most of these items are totally fine :/ this chick is a little too hippy for my taste. Though I will say the lingerie is HORRIFYING. But kids with curse words on their onesies? Not classy, but not horrible.

  153. Dave says:

    I agree most of the items shown are totally inappropriate for sale, but I would say that to describle children in underwear or bikinis as child porn says more about you that the poeple dressing the child. YOU SEE PORN most people see a child.
    A sad reflection of society and the views of govenments which have been planted in our heads to get us to accept control of the internet. The last thing they want is us talking freely with others and seeing the real world.
    I would however never alow any of my children or my grandchildren to be exploited for this type of photography. But clothes and even nudity do not make pornography it is is the mind of the viewer.

  154. esther says:

    I dont think the breast feeding doll is that bad, it definitely doesn’t fit into a “sexualized” category. It is a completely nurturing activity and teaching children that breasts are foremost functional seems only to be assisting them in developing into nurturing mothers when they grow up. I breast fed my son discreetly in public when he was a infant and endured the stink eye and disapproving stares from other women. I was ashamed for them and if this helps to normalize society into being more accepting then I am thankful for it.

  155. Stacie says:

    I think the author of this article is the kind of mother like the one who wouldn’t give their child a gender. A large amount of these products are meant to be silly or imitate adult products- like the bra (which children love). If you don’t like them, don’t buy them. The designers know they’re being controversial. Get over it.

  156. Cindy says:

    Most of those I have an issue with.
    The breastfeeding doll I totally understand. My kids are formula fed due to no other safe option. But if they don’t see anybody breastfeeding then how are they to know it’s an option.

    I love the tattoo Barbie. Why oh why is that inappropriate. Barbies aren’t for toddlers anyway.

  157. Cindy says:

    Most of those I have an issue with.
    The breastfeeding doll I totally understand. My kids are formula fed due to no other safe option. But if they don’t see anybody breastfeeding then how are they to know it’s an option.

    I love the tattoo Barbie. Why oh why is that inappropriate. Barbies aren’t for toddlers anyway.

  158. J. Louise says:

    As if nursing is sexual or ludicrous. I barely have the words.

  159. Karen says:

    I am amused at the mom’s comment who referred to her son’s penis as a “winkie” and her daughter’s vagina a “vagigi”.
    You want your children to be ashamed of their own genitals? Give them silly names instead of referring to them in the correct way. You don’t give any other body part of your child’s a silly name. Grow up – you’re not mature enough to say “penis” or “vagina”? This plays into the reason why our American society is sexually uninformed and we have such a high teen pregnancy rate.

    Oh, and the breastfeeding doll is a good thing.

  160. Sarah says:

    For the most part, the author of this article is being totally oversensitive. Please, chill out. I guess a couple of these things are a bit weird, like the nipple tassel shirt, but the “lingerie” is just kids underwear, and the picture with the caption “how is this even legal?” you are being seriously stupid. That picture is not in the least sexual, the children aren’t posing provocatively or are even naked, so why shouldn’t it be legal? You are probably one of these people that agree with schools banning photography of your own children at sports days.

  161. Valley Johnson says:

    I’m pretty sure LEGO wouldn’t appreciate having their name attached (in a bold headline, no less) to an offensive toy they didn’t create in the first place. LEGO is a name brand, not a generic description of similar toys.

  162. Christal says:

    These are some pretty sick pictures here. I don’t know who made these items, but whoever did it are very ill and need help. I would rather dress my 2 daughters up as boys before I let them wear something that says, “Hey, look! I’m grown up at 7.” Then people wonder why little girls are getting messed with inappropriately. Gee! Could it be that they are dressing like 21 year olds in a night club?

  163. Bree says:

    and what exactly is wrong with tattoo barbie?? I have tattoos. My kids are fascinated by them. I work at a family friendly tattoo shop, we have a whole kids waiting room (supervised) and we have regular customers with kids that get pierced at our shops. We’ve done infants first ear piercings, up to teenagers getting their ears pierced for the first time. Kids are fascinated with tattoos, they get fake ones from us while waiting for their mom. I think this is an awesome idea, that my kids can give barbie tattoos while I put on their fake ones. There’s nothing wrong with tattoos. Notice how people without them always have some trash to talk about people with them. But we can care less that you DON’T have them. Preach to yourself.

  164. Ashley says:

    These are horrible. But my husband and I couldnt stop laughing at the Shave your baby item. LMBO its so wrong but so completely funny at the same time.

  165. imo54 says:

    Personally I think if you don’t like this sort of stuff, DON’T BUY IT!

  166. Rosie says:

    Im sorry but i feel who ever wrote this needs to get a grip! Not dressing your daughter girly so she can choose, your child is going to grow up not knowing what she is, shell look back at pictures abd think ‘why did i look like a boy’ i agree the underwear is abit far but if my daughter wanted to wear a bra like mummy then im not going to sit and tell her no! Also tattoo barbie looks amazing! I think you need to get over yourself!

  167. sol says:

    I don’t know what to say, . . But, I will say something, I just think that a parent that can put a padded bra and high heels on a 4 year old baby needs to have child protective services called on them. If they so much as make the purchase of a 4 year old’s padded bra, that federal pedophilia detectives should be at their door immediately triggered by the online purchase of such item. What in the world do you think that parent is doing with that child? They are obviously sexualizing them, not too long before the thong comes in to play, next thing you know the diddle sticks. The FEDS should get involved.

  168. Kali says:

    Most of this stuff isn’t too bad. The lingerie and padded bra is a bit much, but it’s mostly harmless. Most of my friends used to have temporary tattoos. They looked pretty, none of us want one now. I’ve had dolls that peed as well – these have been around for 10 years already, breastfeeding is just the next in line of a series of dolls that allow little girls to play mummy. As for the onsies, what kid remembers the clothes they wore when they were two? The parents could be wearing tshirts with the same message and no one would care.
    Seriously, calm down.

  169. Lorraine says:

    Anything that promotes understanding and acceptance of nursing is great in my opinion. I don’t have much of a problem with the others either. I agree that the lingerie issue is in the eye of the beholder.I wore vests when I was a kid, and they were trimmed with lace just like these, not porn, just pretty. I am 65 and find many middle aged and younger people way too up tight! BTW the author’s attitudes aren’t Hippy attitudes, but nouveau-hippy. There is nothing natural in raising a gender neutral child! (That said my son wore his sister’s hand-me-downs when they were appropriate, and I got called by the teacher and told not to send him to school in Purple track pants – apparently purple is a GIRL colour! Who knew!! Kings and Pope’s wear it).

  170. fred says:

    Too bad this comment system doesn’t allow pictures, because this story is begging for a Pedobear icon. (And/or a Chris Hansen lean-in.)

  171. jon says:

    How is this even legal? Switching from the grubby basement of a perverted old man to the studio of a high end marketing production team doesn’t suddenly make child pornography ok.
    As someone who works closely with children both in and out of school contexts and has had to deal with child abuse cases, I find tis incredibly concerning, and as a human being, I find this beyond reproach.

  172. sadie says:

    the so-called lingerie didn’t really look like lingerie in some of the pictures. i mean it wasn’t corsets and garter belts. but yes, it is highly inappropriate. and wtf kind of 4 year old wants a bra?? and what kind of mother allows someone to buy their 4 year old a padded bra????? a horrible mother, and that’s being nice. when i was 4 i don’t think i even knew what a bra was. it’s sick what they’re doing to kids nowadays. i have to think that the pole dancing doll is a joke sold in a store like spencers, a joke for adults, otherwise idk if i can take it. who the hell would buy that??? however, the baby stilettos just looked like silly slippers. i don’t see how that would damage a baby mentally and emotionally, when they aren’t even going to remember them. there’s far worse things that can damage a young child than a stupid pair of shoes. and the tattoo barbie really wasn’t that bad. all little girls like temporary tattoos. personally, i think those bratz dolls are the worst. they look like hooker dolls. no wonder so many girls are growing up and ending up on jerry springer.

  173. Just Me says:

    The pictures for advertising child wear is a job. Not near as bad as parents letting their children run around naked or without all their clothes on. I am sure most of you have seen a child out in public in nothing but a diaper. Disgraceful! Girls without shirts on. Disgraceful! At home with no one else around okay. It is not the children making this sexual but the adults. Sayings on kids cloths are pretty dumb but just my opinion, others feel different. Cuss words should not be on any ones clothing. Most of this is not sexual but for the people looking at it think of it that way.

  174. Aubrey says:

    I disagree that the Baby Wee Wee doll should be up there and the nursing doll. OH NO, A DOLL HAS A PENIS you don’t understand why that sounds stupid, shame on you. The nursing doll helps promote breastfeeding. When I was little, I “Breastfed” my dolls, I wasn’t over sexualized. It’s completely natural, I think it’s scarier to see little girls bottle feeding their dolls. They’re all trying to play little mommies, at least they can play little mommies in the way best for a child.

  175. Hailey says:

    My daughter has the tattoo Barbie… :P

  176. Jennifer says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the breastfeeding doll. If my daughter wanted that I’d get it for her.

  177. Kirran says:

    Well I don’t really see a problem with some of these. The skimpy, sexualising clothes are definitely sick. And the ‘Spank Me’ onesie and pole dancer are inappropriate, but as for the barbie with a tattoo gun and the shave-able baby – sure, they can get it if they want, I don’t see that it gives them bad morals or anything. Maybe a greater predeliction to get tattoos… The Lego doesn’t look like it’s designed for children anyway. The Breastfeeding doll – let them play at breastfeeding, big deal, don’t see why they shouldn’t have a doll designed for the purpose if they want one. The doll with a penis – holy crap, children can’t know they have penises! Jesus Christ, this seems way better for kids than those smooth versions. The jokes, like ‘I’m hung like a preschooler’, I don’t see as sexualising, it’s just an adult-themed joke which the kid probably won’t understand anyway. I see no problem with the swearing one either ‘I do fuck all’, as I have personal views on swearing, which basically consist of me not thinking its swearing. Language changes, after all. Finally, the trainers and fake high heels – don’t see the fuss, why shouldn’t they imitate the non-sexual clothing of elders?

    I used to run around naked as a child, I turned out fine. I hope. I don’t think nakedness in children is sexual, I think its more sexual if they ‘cover up’ with bikinis and such.

  178. Al says:

    The women who wrote this needs to sort her own life out surely you have better things to do than scrolling thorough google looking for innapropriate pictures of kids? I think your the one that needs help

  179. Emma says:

    I had a bra at a young age, not because I needed one or wanted to look “sexy” but because I wanted the privacy, especially while changing for PE.
    I have played with tattoo Barbie and have a total of zero tattoos.
    I had shoes similar to shape ups because they were cool and in fashion. I’m not anorexic.
    I played with Lego terrorist sets because terrorism was prominent in the news and we could easily make a story out of it. I haven’t blown up a plane.
    I had a doll that went to the toilet (perhaps not as complicated as the Baby Wee Wee, but it did the same thing) and I am not damaged by the sight of a doll performing a perfectly normal action.

    I think society needs to stop blaming the toys for how their children are turning out. These things do not damage the child in anyway, but if their friends all have the item and they don’t then that will be a lot more damaging.

    And, by the way, buy your kid a few pink, frilly dresses because it seems to me that you’re forcing the tomboy identity on her.

  180. Alison says:

    That is not pornography, people who view it like that scare me. All i see is some girls in undies. When i was a kid i used to run around our backyard in just my knickers and play in the paddling pool, no one saw that as sexual. It’s not porn – how could you possibly think it is porn?!?!?!? The knickers are not sexualising the kids, your interpretation is.

  181. Connor says:

    Can’t believe people would manufacture this stuff let alone buy it, so stupid.

  182. obesity says:

    A person necessarily assist to make significantly posts I might state. That is the first time I frequented your web page and up to now? I amazed with the research you made to make this actual post extraordinary. Great task!

  183. Brittny says:

    My son actually has clothes from Twisted Tee, and MOST of their stuff is pretty cute…

  184. m says:

    these people should be JAILED for child porn PERIOD

  185. Valerie says:

    Do we remember Jon Bena ( not sure how to smell her name) look what happen to her, murdered, because of all the beauty contest crap. Nothing wrong with pageant but no need fro all that makeup and ADDING butt pads and boobs to a 4 year old or 5 year old. I am not buying grand-babies anything that will help them grow up faster. That includes breast feeding dolls, at 3 years old she does not need a breast feeding doll. or a doll with a penis give a break on that one,

  186. Rowan says:

    I appreciate the desire to protect children. I don’t want my kid to be sexualized either — but acting like some shirts or underwear are the problem is ridiculous. Kids have been wearing things like this forever — if not our own, we stole our mom’s underwear and gave birth to our dolls. This happened and most adults aren’t willing to admit to what they did as kids, thinking their own explorations were dirty. Sex isn’t wrong or dirty. It’s precious. If you teach our children their bodies are not dirty, but sacred (or whatever word you prefer) they are going to be healthier than we all clearly are. They will know to protect themselves, instead of being so embarrassed by their bodies, they allow abuses to continue.

  187. Ericka Arias says:

    I think this is all disgusting! What are they trying to teach kids these days? Another thing, Haven’t parents thought of JonBenét Ramsey pageant little girl went missing never found and never found the kidnapper/murderer… Parents are basically calling the child molesters and kidnappers to their kids… Taking pictures in their underwear like Victoria Secrets models? That is sickening… Little girls wearing heels? I do not approve. I would never let my child wear padded bras, bikini bottom underwear, heels, etc… until she is of age. PARENTS OPEN YOUR EYES! take care of your little ones!

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  196. Linda says:

    Ok, I will give you the padded bra. And the shave the baby doll is weird, but seriously, lighten up! The pole dancing doll is not a childs toy, and while the vulgar onsies are certainly vulgar, i have yet to meet an infant who can read. It marks the parents as classless, but hardly harms the kid. As for the anatomically correct wetting doll, how is this inappropriate? Little girls are anatomically correct too. It raises more questions when the doll doest have the correct parts. But seriously, if you dont want your daughter to have any of these things, dont buy them. Parent your kid, and dont blame marketing for lack of parental supervision and guidance.

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  199. Molly says:

    These are extreeme examples but there are many, many, Disney toys that are just as awful because the sexist messaging is more subtle and unfortunately worn by millions of children Disney spends millions of dollars marketing!

  200. Shocked says:

    As an outsider looking in, I think a lot of ills of school going children would be solved by wearing uniforms to school rather than everyday clothes.

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