What's Your Dessert Policy For Your Toddler?


blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream This summer, we’ve done a fair amount of exercise. I did some running, we took a lot of family walks and hikes. We did some swimming, and a ton of yardwork, too. Also, our house is at the bottom of a huge hill. Just forget a pair of sunglasses or a sippy cup at the house and you’ve done your workout for the day.

That said, we also did a fair amount of indulging. We went to local farms and ate a lot of homemade fresh food, and that included dessert. We went blueberry picking and our bounty produced: blueberry pie, blueberry crumble, blueberry bread pudding, some blueberry pop-tart-like things, blueberry pancakes, blueberry syrup for the pancakes, and we still had leftover blueberries. We even dyed clothing in blueberries. We picked a lot, can you tell?

You know what goes really well with blueberries? Ice Cream. Local vanilla ice cream. You know which ice cream is local in Vermont? Ben & Jerry’s. Never mind that I can pick up a pint of the stuff at my 7-11 in Los Angeles. Here, it’s supporting your neighbors!

Anyway, my point is, that somehow (I have no idea how) my toddler thinks that dessert is now a way of life. After lunch: “What’s for dessert?” After dinner: “Where’s my dessert?” During the day: “Mommy, I don’t want a snack, I just want some dessert.” By the way, listening to a toddler say dessert is really funny.

We do NOT give in to all these requests, in case you were wondering. This usually results in some major power struggles. We’ve talked a lot about how dessert is not an every day thing usually, even though we had a lot this summer because we had special visitors and we baked a lot of treats. He’s not really buying it.

Now that summer is over and Shnook is starting pre-school, I think it’s time to start curbing the dessert habit, and institute some kind of ‘dessert policy.’ I’m thinking something like: fruit only during the week and other dessert on the weekends if desired, but I’m not sure if that sounds too strict, or not strict enough. I hate the idea of making a policy like this, but I’m just not sure how to get him to stop thinking that dessert is something he should expect.

Do you have a dessert policy in your household? What’s your stance on toddlers and dessert?

Photo Credit: Flickr/hfb