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What’s Your Kid’s Toddler Type? 10 Little People He’ll Meet in Preschool

By Lori Garcia |


Preschool is an exciting place: Fun toys and cool books are just the beginning of what’s in store. The friends your child makes and the personalities he or she will encounter are what make preschool such an enriching experience.

So who can your toddler expect to meet in preschool? (And whom can you expect to meet on playdates?)

Here are 10 different toddler types — which one fits your kid? Tell me in the comments.

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Toddler personalities your child will meet in preschool

The Wild One

The wild one is the kid who's filled with more spunk and reckless energy than his little body can handle. Yep, the wild one is the same kid who can't stand still or refrain from poking his neighbor. As the mom of a wild child, I can tell you it's not that he's bad; he just acts that way.

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47 thoughts on “What’s Your Kid’s Toddler Type? 10 Little People He’ll Meet in Preschool

  1. Becca says:

    I think that my toddler is a mix between the wild one and the tough guy! I know he keeps me on my toes!

  2. Shantell says:

    I have a little girl who will be 2 in december.. I see several of these in her.. She is the love bug, the entertainer, the little princess, and the chatter box..

  3. Tabatha says:

    My daughter is 2 and she is a mixture of the chatter box, love bug, and the entertainer. Scary at times that she’ll talk to anybody, love that she witnesses that she’ll show me that he loves me with tons of kisses,and hugs. And I love that she dances and sings, and she.ll even head bang to her father playing his guitar. She is amazing!

  4. Ruth says:

    Hmm..My toddler is a mix of three: Wild One, Entertainer, and Love Bug. He is a wild, ball full of energy but LOVES attention and is so friendly!

  5. Kari says:

    My 4 year old son is without a doubt, the Chatterbox.

  6. Mary says:

    While these are cute, I can see pieces of my child in each one. We put people in boxes too often… let’s not start with toddlerhood. When you put somebody in a ‘box,’ that’s all people begin to expect of them.

  7. Boomer Grandparent says:

    LOVED this!

  8. Jenny says:

    I think there were a few that were left out! My daughter, 2, has been in “school” for a year now. She still acts shy if she gets there and everyone is already there and playing. She likes to be there first. The two that I know are missing, that she is, is the “nurturer” and the “helper”. She loves to take care the classroom dolls (swaddling them and feeding them). Don’t know where she learned this behavior, as we don’t have any younger children and all of my friends have kids her age. As for helper, she loves to sweep the floor, vacuum, pick up toys, organize shoes, throw garbage away.

  9. brenna says:

    My son is a shy, chatterbox entertainer. He’s slowly losing the shy part as he gets older, though.

    My daughter is a crybaby boss, with a hint of wild thing. She’s starting to see the appeal of being entertaining, though, thanks to her big brother.

  10. MamaAdventure says:

    I have a mix between the wild one, the entertainer and the tough guy!

  11. Michelle Lee says:

    My little guy will be 2 next month… he is a bit of a chameleon and starts all social situations as the shy guy. After about a half hour he transforms into a wild one, entertainer and love bug. He screams, chases, dances, says “watch me watch me!!” and sings for you, and requires a big ol’ smooch regardless if he’s known you all his life or few only an hour <3

  12. DeservingPorcupine says:

    Mine is they shy one. I am so worried he’ll never make friends. When he tries to play with the other boys, who all seem to be wild ones, he is picked on and reduced to tears. It’s a co-op, so I see him trying to play, being treated roughly, then retreating to solo play for the rest of the day. Maybe we picked the wrong preschool . . .

  13. Amber says:

    My child is the teacher’s pet.. she love to help clean up, always the first one sitting down when the teacher says so and helps clean up toys too. Hopefully no one will resent her as she gets older lol

  14. amanda says:

    My son is four and he is a combination of the wild thing and love bug. Seek and destroy and run crazy but hugging and kissing all the while.

  15. Kim C says:

    My 4 year old son is 90% wild one and 10% tough guy. I never know what to expect next. It’s quite overwhelming but a lot of fun! I don’t mind it at all. :-)

  16. Jaclyn says:

    My 2 year old daughter is, without a doubt, the entertainer. She must have attention from everyone in the room at all times and will do whatever she has to to get it! From singing her favorite songs to saying the Pledge of Allegiance, to just coming up and batting her eyes and tugging on your shirt tail, you will know she’s there! I just don’t know where she gets that from…..

  17. cheryl says:

    oh my, my 3 yr old is a combo of the leader and the entertainer she is an A personality all the way. She is very good at vocalizing what she likes and doesnt like. she is a real wonderful yet willful child. I have already said I feel sorry for her kindergarden teacher lol.

  18. Courtney F. says:

    My 3 boys encompass all but the shy one. No wonder I feel like I’m going nuts, I’m chasing 9 personalities!

  19. Steph says:

    My son is a mixture of The Chatterbox and The Love Bug. He will hug and kiss you and tell you how much he loves you and everything in the whole world… And never shut up about it. I wouldn’t change him for anything!

  20. Amanda Y. says:

    Well I would have to say My Son is Almost all of those FIRST let me start by saying he has the brightest red hair that you can imagine. Now I never thought it was true that the color of someone hair would coinside with there personalitiy oh but it does!!!. Now when he goes to his headstart preschool mon. wed. fri. when I or his father drop him off its always shy guy, then by the time I leave he’s off showing off for his friends. And then I arrive to pick him up and he comes running up throws his arms around my neck and gives me the bigggest hug. And of course his teacher is always telling me that how he is great to have in class he is so smart and craves knowledge like a sponge.And so glad that I got that opening when I did Because The_play school class she has tue and thur. defintley wouldnt of been enough of a challege for him. OK now after we leave he has to tell me about his day oh and tell me where im going to take him and what he is wanting and then I’m told that when we get home he is playing the xbox then he is watching a movie til bubby and sissy get home from school. Then we by his dad’s work and he goes running and screaming “DADDY FEED ME COOKIE” “HEY COOKIE DAD GET THAT COOKIE” and if dads busy and one of the other ladies try and give him one HE screams no I don’t want that its yucky. then yells dad dad no she’s yucky dad dad get my cookie…And when you say No he tells you mommy I cant say that word so you cant either only YES MOMMY remember as he looks up and batts thoughs blue eyes at u and smiles.So pretty much most of time there is no winning with him it doesn;t help he looks like daddy acts like me with his dads charm and A FIRE RED FLAME to push it along. he’s crazy,mean,loving,smart,entertaining to say the least shy,picky,well-mannered at times loves to be helpful and understanding of feelings,never likes to stop talking (only if he knows you) and he is almost 4 in Dec. wears 6t clothes and 40 inches tall I’M SO IN FOR IT !!!! ANY ADVISE WELCOME.

  21. Stacey says:

    My 2 year old, soon to be 3 on Christmas Day, is most definitely and entertainer. She loooooves to sing and dance and LOVES having all the attention on her. When her Dad and I are having a conversation, she sometimes says to get our attention, “K calm down guyssss!!!” Oh and of course, with her hands on her hips! LoL. Guess she would fit into the “Bossy” category as well <3

  22. ERIKA YAZMIN says:



  23. Diana Welchans says:

    My daughter is a semi-bossy, princess chatterbox that shows too much affection and likes to be the center of attention by entertaining (dancing, singing, etc) :)

  24. Michelle says:

    Funny and somewhat accurate article. Why is it though, that there was only one Black child in the photos (and no Asian, or Latin, or other than Caucasian), and was chosen to represent the entertainer? Hmmmmm. I wonder if there isn’t some cultural programming represented here?

    1. mommyfriend says:

      Hi Michelle, I assure you – no cultural programming intended. It’s stock photography and sometimes the images of very specific things (ie. “toddler dancing”) are difficult to come by. I chose the picture because it was 1) adorable 2) a toddler dancing 3) adorable yet again.

  25. Bob Whitaker says:

    My 3 year old girl is a cross between “The Princess” and “The Wild One” :-) I’ve seen all 10 of these personalities manifest at one time or another though. She’s a social butterfly, and wants to play drums. Like me. Lord help us. ;-)

  26. Jane Earle says:

    I am the mother of four, the grandmother of 5, and now the great-grandma of 1 precious 4 year old girl. Her pre-school report card came last week and said “she is a nice child, but tends to over-manage her peers”
    What ever happened to “Hey, your kid is BOSSY !!” – (she is)
    I like to watch new mothers with their toddlers who have a voculabury of 4 words -(the babies, not the mommies) ) pee-pee, poop, mommy, daddy – The baby starts to cry and Mom says “Now use your words, tell me what is wrong, use your words”
    I would love to hear them say “OK, pee-pee, poop, Daddy and Mommy.

  27. Maria Rogers says:

    my 4 yr old daughter is definitely the wild one when she’s in school, but when she’s at home she goes back and forth from the wild one to the crybaby to the wild one. it’s nerve wrecking!

  28. Brittany Ridenhour says:

    I have a 3 year old aka “the shy one” and a 4 year old aka “the entertainer”…..they make the perfect team….its amazing 11months apart and so different

  29. kimmy says:

    this information has been a big help m a 23 yr old mom who sometimes people misjudge in being a good parent my son is 2 yrs old when he wants something n he cant have it he would throw things or bang things and because I dont always react they say m spoiling him and he’s rude but truth is I understand he is upset for not having his way and as young as he maybe he has a right to express his feelings am just gonna help him to express it in a better way instead of throwing and banging stuff

  30. Naomi says:

    Wow, I guess I have a wildman/lovebug combination!! When he’s not bouncing around and poking his neighbor, he’s trying to hold their hands and lean in for a smooch! LOL I liked this article — really does capture all the preschool personalities!

  31. roze vessey says:

    The BOSS!!!

  32. frugal is good old and dying says:

    good story no doubt and I assume great comments

  33. Aerica says:

    I’m a preschool teacher and as I was reading this I was thinking of the kids in my class that fit these types. It’s so true though… Most of the kids have a mixture of some types but they definetly have a “default” type. =) LOVED the article.

  34. Valerie says:

    My daughter is the princess type, almost exclusively. They call her mini-fabulous at preschool, and I don’t find that there is anything wrong with her way of expressing herself. She just likes to match her clothes, and enjoys dressing up more than playing with dolls or toys it seems. She has a bit of “fashion sense” or intuition maybe, and has since she was 18 months old. She can be very dramatic, and imaginative, and would rather dance or sing than get wet or dirty. No one made her this way, she just is, and I love her for it! Even when she’s a little over the top.

  35. Gabby says:

    My 18 month old is a mix of the wild one, boss and the love bug! lol She definitely keeps me on my toes :)

  36. Leroy says:

    Interesting and surprisingly racist, well done!

  37. Erika says:

    I have a 3 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. My son is definately the etertainer and love bug mixed into one. He moved from the toddler room to the preschool room in his daycare and his toddler room teacher still comes by to see him every morning to get hugs and kisses. My daughter is part teachers pet and part princess. i don’t dress her like a princess, but she still acts like one, in a good way. She eats so prissily and is so clean. This age is such a wonderful time for parents and should be treasured…in between bouts of going crazy of course!

  38. Michelle says:

    My daughter is 2 years and 8 months. She is definitely the BOSS!!!

  39. Kelly B says:

    in response to Michelles comment about there only being one non-caucasian picture…firstly….who cares? Its an article, not a census. Perhaps the pictures that came up when the faces/actions were searched had more caucasian people.

  40. RandiBloodworth says:

    My step daughter is a combination of the shy one and the lover… Once she warms up to you she’s an affectionate little bugger!! :) I love her to death <3

  41. Yanira Garza says:

    I have the Little Princess mixed with the Entertainer and Chatterbox. She likes to ignore the Boss and the Tough Guy though. I’m in deep trouble since she is only 2 1/2!

  42. Shannon Mackenzie says:

    I definitely have a princess! Her favorite color is pink, her favorites clothes are dresses, and dressing up in the pretty princess gowns is her favorite thing to do at daycare! I don’t know how I ended up with such a girly-girl, because I’m not one at all and I never intended her to be, either. But her dad is Disney-obsessed, so when she goes to his house, they watch all the princess movies. I guess that’s where she got it from! She’s also a bossy crybaby entertainer with a little bit of lovebug and shy kid mixed in. Loves to sing, loves to dance, and loves for you to join in! And she’s totally fearless – she walks right into strange new situations without an ounce of apprehension. She’s a sweetheart and a great mommy to her babies (dolls, that is!) and she always wants three books at bedtime. I just love her, she’s the greatest kid :)

  43. Amanda says:

    My son is 2 1/2. He is a mix between the chatterbox and the lovebug. He is the sweetest, most accepting child I have ever seen. He has never met a stranger, and he will persist upon a shy kid until the kid opens up and they become best friends. I love him! This article was too cute!

  44. danielle says:

    You missed one- the “free spirit”- that’s my daughter. She is friendly and nice with the other kids, but not a lovebug or a chatterbox. She likes to dance around and play and be crazy sometimes but it’s not about getting attention, it’s just for the sheer joy of it. If the other kids join in her antics it’s more fun, but she’s just as happy being the only one. And if someone else is doing something that looks really fun she will join in and escalate it to a new level. Her best friend is the wild one, and sometimes the entertainer. But she really likes everyone, except maybe the tough guy.

  45. nowimfound says:

    I have a 17 yo girl who still tries to be the Boss and a Drama Queen, a 7 yo boy who’s chatterbox and entertainer and a 2 1/2 yo boy who’s a teacher’s pet (according to the profile) and entertainer. Love watching their personalities grow and develop. And teaching them not to whine when there’s only one red M&M in their cup or only one non-caucasian picture, or whatever.

  46. stephanie says:

    My 7 year old is The Chatterbox, Love Bug, Entertainer & The Wild One all in 1. lol My 6 year old is The Teacher’s Pet & The Shy One. My 3 year old is The Boss, The Princess & The Tough Guy. My 7 month old is just The Stinking Cute One. lol

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