When He Prefers Daycare Over Me

We are THRILLED with our daycare center.  Simply thrilled.  Harrison’s speech has exploded in the three months since he started.  He’s doing so many fun crafts, he’s made friends, he still takes a good nap and is an even more cooperative eater.  Sometimes I joke that even if I didn’t work for benefits, I would probably work just so we could afford daycare – that’s how much he loves it.

Every day I drop him off in the morning and he runs to be with his friends – sometimes I get a quick kiss and hug, but other times I’m just yelling “Okay, see you later!” at the back of his blonde head.  I’m not complaining, though.  I would so rather have the independent kid than have to peel a sad and crying toddler off my legs every day.

In the afternoons, it’s a split as to who picks him up – sometimes my mom will swing through and grab him if she’s done with work early and they’ll spend the afternoon together.  Other times I snag him after work and we go to the park or his little pool in the backyard.  But on days when the weather is gross, when it’s 100+ degrees or when it’s raining?  I leave him there as long as I can.

I could go get him.  Then have to entertain him by myself in the house while I’m trying to cook dinner or straighten up or do laundry.  He’d beg to go outside and I’d have to tell him no, then he’d throw a tantrum and there’d probably be punishment and we’d all be totally pissed by dinner time.

Or I could leave him with his friends, where they interact and play together.  Where there’s books and dress-up centers and other little boys that love trucks as much as he does and three teachers to dote upon him.  Teachers who’s only job is to play with him (and they’re much better at it than I am!).

Today it’s raining and I miss my kid and cannot wait to see him – but I know we’ll both be better off if he just stays at “school” a little while longer.

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