When I Was My Daughter's Age


In another week, Addison will be 18 months old. So in celebration I decided to take a walk down memory lane with my own mother.

It started with the complete disbelief that she is already a year and a half old. Then it was “when you were her age…” and the neat little things started to come back to my mom. Some I knew already, and some of them well… were all new to me.

It was neat to see how much we are alike, and how different we are as well. I would say though, out of all of my children, Camden is the most like me when I was a child.

He is also the one who looks the most like me, at least according to everyone in my family.

It was fun to look at all the differences over the twenty six year difference. It is surprising what almost three decades will change in the world as well!

Ever think back and compare your childhood to the kind of childhood your own children are having. Or your likes as a child verses what your own children love?  Do it! I promise you, it will be a fun little project!


  • Then: I Had my Tonsils Out. 1 of 10
    Then: I Had my Tonsils Out.
    When I was 17 months old, I got super sick and had my tonsils out. Thankfully we have a perfectly healthy little girl with tonsils that can stay exactly where they are!
  • Then: I Had the Vocabulary of a Seven Year Old 2 of 10
    Then: I Had the Vocabulary of a Seven Year Old
    When I went to the hospital to have my tonsils taken out, apparently I wouldn't shut up. Which is nothing new because if you know me, I run my mouth a lot The only difference is that Addie has little interest in talking. We get mama or Dada and sometimes dooooooogggiiiiieeeee, but that is really it.
    We aren't took worried just yet.
  • Then: I Had a Special Teddy Bear 3 of 10
    Then: I Had a Special Teddy Bear
    Mr. Teddy Freddy, which I still have to this day. Addison prefers her pink blankey. I didn't want the kids to get attached to anything like that, but whatever. It helps her sleep and I think its adorable.
  • Then: I Loved Sesame Street 4 of 10
    Then: I Loved Sesame Street
    I was kind of a Sesame Street junkie, and I can honestly say... so is Addie. There are worse things she could enjoy right?
  • Then: I Was an Angel for Halloween 5 of 10
    Then: I Was an Angel for Halloween
    For my second Halloween I was an angel. This year, Addison is going to be Cinderella!
  • Now: Addie Loves her Bink 6 of 10
    Now: Addie Loves her Bink
    I swear she will be the kid who goes to college with this thing. We are trying to get her to break the habit by Christmas. If all else fails, we are going to leave it out for Santa to take. But I can't complain. I was hooked on my bottle at her age.
  • Now: She is a Daddy’s Girl 7 of 10
    Now: She is a Daddy's Girl
    When she sees Daddy walk in the door she lights up like a Christmas tree. Seriously! When I was little, my dad worked a lot to provide for us, but Sunday morning was always reserved for me!
  • Now: Princess Vs. Tom Boy 8 of 10
    Now: Princess Vs. Tom Boy
    Addison is a girly girl through and through. Seriously. She hates getting dirty, or even the feeling of dirty hands. Me? When I was that age, I might as well have been playing in the mud with the boys. And I stayed that way.
  • Now: In World History 9 of 10
    Now: In World History
    When I was a couple months old, the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded killing the entire crew. It was a huge national tragedy. To this day I can remember my mom telling me about watching it happen with me. The big news story I will always remind Addison of is the killing of Osama Bin Laden. She was a day old. We were in the hospital, and all the Sunday night TV shows I loved were stopped for News coverage of something big. Twitter was buzzing of his death. But I will never forget that moment.
  • Now: Disney Pixar Rules the World 10 of 10
    Now: Disney Pixar Rules the World
    Did you know that Pixar Animation Studios opened in 1986? Neither did I until I started looking up some history type things that happened in 1986 for this last comment!
    Now, in 2012 - Disney Pixar virtually rules the world! I don't know what our family would do without their movies!

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