When Your Friends Start Getting Pregnant Again...

Two feels like ten times more complicated!

I know it’s been written about time and time again.  The phenomenon where no matter what stage you’re at in life, people always want to know – “what’s next?”  When your single, it’s all about getting married.  Once you’re married and a year or two passes – where are the kids?  Check, check, and check, and yet there still seem to be questions looming.  I hear it all the time – “when will we see number two?”

I usually smile and shrug it off, suggesting that I’m still just enjoying number one.  But it’s definitely on my mind, and I find myself asking it just as often as others.  Now I’ve reached that magical one year mark, where it seems like everyone around me is getting pregnant.  I certainly don’t want to base our family planning off of anyone else’s schedule, but it’s hard to not feel rushed or even left behind, when friends are celebrating all around you.

I have a group of great girlfriends that I get together with each week.  We are bonded through motherhood, and the fact that our kiddos are all within just three weeks of each other in age.  Weeks and months sound like nothing to an adult, but in babyhood they can make for huge differences in development and milestones.  It is such a joy to watch our kids play, knowing they are all right on the same page.  That’s not to say that kids of different ages can’t play well too, but there’s just something special about having them be so close in age.  One of Cullen’s little girlfriends even shares his birthday!

So now that number two’s are starting to be talked about, I’m realizing that we likely won’t all be on the same family path going forward.  It will feel very different to have babies who are potentially far apart in age.  Luckily, my friendships with them are deep, and I know we’ll continue to get together and have playgroups for all ages and sizes.

I can’t help but feel a little pressure as I see more and more mamas announcing they are pregnant again.  I don’t think we’re ready quite yet, but I think we will be soon.  One thing is for sure – it’s fun to be able to celebrate so many babies coming in 2013!

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