When Your Toddler Asks Hard Hitting Questions


I have completely taken for granted what my toddler is picking up from general conversations within the family, and from things he hears on television.

Recently, he’s been coming to us with some really hard hitting questions. In fact, almost everything he says is followed up with a, “Why?”, lately, meaning that I am really on my toes in an effort to answer his burning questions about life.

Last week, while in the car, my toddler asked my husband a particularly deep question.

“Dad, what’s a ghost?” Evan asked.

“Ghosts are pretend — they are superstitions. Can you say superstition?” asked my husband.

“I’m talking about a POWER GHOST, Dad, can you say power ghost?” replied Evan.

Maybe my son wasn’t really thinking too deeply into the concept of a ghost, but, we’ve had the same type of questions about God, monsters, and how babies are born lately. It is so sweet to see his little gears turning as he inquires into each topic with a series of questions.

So far, we’ve simply answered his questions in a straightforward manner, to the best of our ability. I can’t help but wonder what will come out of his mouth next!

Has your child ever asked you something that really threw you for a loop? How did you react and respond?

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