Who's The Witch During The Witching Hour? You Or Your Toddler?

witch halloweenThis week has been an especially challenging week having both kids at home all day every day.

While I love spending more time with my boys, sometimes, by the end of the day, I kind of want to drive a stake into my skull.

I dread that late afternoon to bedtime period so much that I’m almost always in a bad mood.

So, who is the witch here? 

Even though I always anticipate the challenges of this time of day, some days I try to go into it with a light-hearted attitude, thinking that maybe, this time, it won’t be so bad.

Sometimes that works. Other times, it doesn’t, no matter what I do.

Since there are three of us, the chance that one person is going to have “issues” is pretty great. Whether or not those issues escalate and extend longer than they need to usually depends on how I deal with it. How I deal with it depends on how I’m feeling. See how it’s a Catch-22?

I will say that the extra daylight definitely helps, as they can burn off some more energy in the backyard before and after dinner.  I recently had to go back and reread my own post on Surviving the Witching Hour With A Toddler.

I gave some pretty good advice. Maybe this week, I’ll try to focus on some of these tips.

So, who is the witch in the witching hour in your house? Any further advice for “witches and wizards” out there to add?

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