Why Having Non-Mom Friends Is So Important

me & my best friend being...well, nuts.

My best friend isn’t a momma.  (yet. I keep telling her that I’m not having baby #2 until she’s pregnant.) We’ve known each other since we were nine years old, worked together for five years, and text/email/talk daily.  She’s one of the few people that never asks anything of me, other than to be myself.  She brought over groceries after I lost my first baby and I was in her wedding just days after giving birth to my son.  Like I said, we’re best friends.

I also have a friend that isn’t married but we hit off immediately and now make routine visits to our favorite Mexican restaurant where we’ve suggested (after many margaritas) that they rename the restaurant from Dos Taquitos to “Dos Drunk Bitches.”  Unfortunately, they haven’t taken our suggestion to heart.

I do have momma friends and I discuss potty training and playdates with them, but I think it is so important to keep my friend list varied to keep balance of myself.

Because I’m more than wiping peanut butter off the chin and reading “Moo Baa Fa La La” for the tenth time in a row.  I’m more than the woman who makes a killer grilled cheese and knows all the words to the Thomas the Train theme song.  I may have pushed a baby out of my nether-regions, but I’m still the same girl that loves getting lost in book stores and window browsing at the mall and curling up in pajamas for a good conversation at the end of the week.  I still love talking politics and eating brie and dancing like a fool in my car.

These girls help me remember those parts of me so that I may not lose them in the frantic pace of motherhood.

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