Why Our Family Has Done Away With 'Special-Occasion' Clothes

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
Whaddya mean I can't wear this outfit all of the days?

My daughters were born three years apart — both in August. That means my younger daughter Peony, 1, has been wearing all of my older daughter’s clothing. (Yay us! Yay our bank account!)

What continues to strike me as I pull clothes out of storage for Peony, however, is how many of the articles of clothing passed down from her big sister are in such great shape. Too good, if you ask me. It means I wasn’t letting my older daughter wear some of her nicer pieces often enough.

I’m not making that mistake again.

Our lifestyle isn’t nearly formal enough that we need to designate some outfits for just special occasions, or specific seasons, only. Especially because I’ve also come to realize it’s eminently adorable when my preschooler decides to wear a chiffon dress to the supermarket or my toddler pads around the house in a sun dress while it’s snowing outside. Why shouldn’t they always feel like a million bucks and have fun while doing it?

Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? One of my girls spills ketchup on something white or tears a hole in something too delicate to be repaired? At least most kids’ clothes are relatively inexpensive — even the finer pieces — that anything that’s beyond repair won’t be a tragic hit to our family’s pocketbook (and unless something has a hole that shows an entire body part or is so stained that it is mistaken for a patchwork quilt, I say keep wearing it, anyway)

Sundresses can be worn with long-sleeve shirts underneath. Dresses bought for the holidays can be worn in the sandbox a week later. Clothes are meant to be worn, not stuffed in the back of the closet after they’ve been worn once and outgrown shortly thereafter.

Life is too short to only wear clothes on special occasions. And if you have healthy, happy children, every day is a special occasion, anyway.

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Photo credit: Meredith Carroll

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