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Will My Daughter's Helmet Teach My Toddler Acceptance?

By Danielle |

Say Hi to Johnny!

That is Johnny and his mom, Stevee. Stevee and I were pregnant together at the same time, and my daughter Addison is just slightly older than he is…

This week we found out our youngest child Addison, who is 7 months old, needs to wear a corrective helmet for three months for a condition called plagiocephaly. Basically meaning she has a flat spot on her head that needs to be corrected.

After having a huge mommy meltdown I started to desperately search for the positives, and the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to having my poor little girl saddled with some serious head gear for a couple months.

And then it dawned on me … this is going to impact my boys too, especially my inquisitive two-year-old toddler, Ben. He is forever asking what, why, how … asking, asking, asking … and I know he is going to do the same about his baby sister’s helmet.

As a mom I thought it was something I didn’t want to deal with, but then I realized this is going to be an amazing teaching opportunity to show him how people come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and so on. Everyone is different whether they wear glasses or have to wear a helmet.

They may look different, have a disorder, or disease that impacts them in some way, shape, or form that is noticeable … and by showing him how normal his little sister is in her helmet, and how she is no different than he and his brother … it will teach him one of the greatest lessons kids could ever have: acceptance.

Because lets all face it … people can be cruel assholes, and I am willing to bet the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree when it comes to that in most cases. And if I teach him to be accepting of the differences people have, I can hope and pray that some day down the road, he won’t point or stare when he sees someone who is different.

I can only hope that as a parent I do a good enough job, and Addison will help teach him he is no better than anyone else because of looks.


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5 thoughts on “Will My Daughter's Helmet Teach My Toddler Acceptance?

  1. Stevee says:

    You’ll not only be able to teach your boys acceptance, but also all sorts of random people who will come up to you asking what is “wrong” with your baby. At first, when random people would come up and ask me, it hurt my feelings because there is nothing “wrong” with my baby, but then I realized that instead of being insulted, I could educate them so that the next time they see a little one in their helmet, they won’t have to wonder… or go ask that baby’s mother.

    Johnny loves the attention his helmet brings him. He is such a flirt and loves all the attention that the older ladies always give him when we are out-and-about.

    Little Addie will look so adorable in her helmet, and she will thank you one day for her beautiful round head!

    Stevee & Johnny

  2. Amanda S says:

    I think Stevee and Johnny hit it on the nail. You get to educate the entire public. Honestly, I’d rather someone ask me out right, what’s wrong with my son than to make rude comments or stare. and you are so right people can be cruel assholes, and it’s the adults that bother me the most. Kids are curious and want to ask questions…that is where education comes in and teaching acceptance.
    Addie was beautiful before the helmet, and she’ll be just as beautiful wearing it.

  3. Janet Mead says:

    People always come up to me when I am out with Jacob and they say that their brother, sister, aunt, or someone they know has Down Syndrome. I think they try to relate in some way, which I think is nice.

    Sometimes, someone say’s they feel sorry for us, because it must be so difficult. I just tell them that he’s a great kid and we are not sorry. I never get an attitude, because like you say Danielle, people need to learn acceptance.

    Thanks for sharing. Stay strong, it will be behind you before you know it.

  4. Dawn says:

    The strangest thing today… while walking through the mall with my daughter her two year old and then the 5mo twins, a man was commenting on how cute the twins were and then he noticed and started questioning Emilee’s helmet. Not understanding the reasoning behind her helmet…nor really wanting to know why… all he heard was the “flat area” and then started making comments on his supposedly flat head that wasn’t visibly noticeable and how bad his mother was for not getting him one. Some of the reactions that surprise me is…. some people actually think that these helmets are used like some type of “cosmetic surgery, like a boob job or face lift”… as if we wanted to make sure that our babies had perfectly round shaped heads. Really. Do you think that we would “torture” our babies to have perfect heads and not used for a medical reason. Can’t help but wonder how vain people in our world have become. Soon they’ll be requesting these helmets “just for perfection” purposes….without medical necessity hmmm. Talk about a conversation piece.

  5. My son is says:

    My son is 1.5 years old . He was about 3 months where we’d found that he has a flat spot .
    The doctor said us that it will corrected itself, but as we see till now nothing was changed.
    Now I want to find corrective helmet, but from where I don’t know.
    I live in Armenia , I’ve asked to our orthoped ,he said that he had heard about it and no more information.
    In internet I’ve found a lot of feedbacks and comment about it ,but no information how or where to buy.
    PLEASE HELP US .We do need correct INFORMATION about this helmet.
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    Thank You in advance.

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