Will My Shy Toddler Be A Shy Kid?


My toddler is shy, at times — painfully.

When we take him into a new environment, or even into a situation that he is familiar with, he will often cling to my legs, or beg my husband to pick him up.

Sometimes the shyness is so severe that we end up wasting thirty minutes dealing with a child who is crying and throwing a tantrum on the floor, because he doesn’t want to face new people or places.

There is a little nagging fear in the back of my mind that I am going to have a child who carries this social awkwardness into adulthood with him. I mean, how much of his adult personality is really shining through right now?

Yes, it is a bother to have to deal with a child who puts on such antics every time we go somewhere new, but really, I just want him to be comfortable and feel secure in his surroundings. I always try to let him ease into the situation, and eventually he will usually warm up. Usually.

We comfort him, and hold him, and tell him everything will be fine, but I just wonder how typical this behavior is.

How do you cope with a shy child, and will my son grow out of this phase?

Shy toddler photo from Shutterstock

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