Word to the Wise: Don't "Mess" with a Toddler Feeding Himself


toddler eating yogurtWe’ve reached a bit of an impasse. Fuzz is now in a mode where it’s his way or the highway, which is why:

a) I cannot get anything done, ever. And…

b) He’s feeding himself yogurt on the hallway floor with no bib.

He also has a cold, which is making it worse. Imagine a river of snot flowing into a yogurtfall from his chin. It’s like a baby goatee.

Oh, wait, you don’t have to imagine it. Here it is! His pants are covered. His shirt is covered. The floor will need a good cleaning. I guess I should just throw him in the bath … again.

Watch what happens when I try to take the container away. He’s like a wild animal growling, protecting his food.


Can’t wait for this phase to be over …

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