Working At Home With Toddlers: Epic Fail (Video)

Working? More like FAILING!

As you all know, I am a work-at-home mom. The job in itself is awesome, the downside is taking care of three children full time while working. My oldest is leaving toddlerhood and entering full blown childhood in December, and my middle son is in full force toddler mode. The baby… well she is just there most of the time.

People always insist working at home must be so easy. I mean doesn’t everyone dream of working from home? Of course, but that dream also includes full time childcare for most, or no children at all right?

Lori, the wonderful MommyFriend who also is a writer here on Toddler Times sparked my interest the other day after making a video that was a couple minutes long about her struggle working at home with her two boys. I think boys just make working at home harder in general.

So, I thought I would show about one minute of my day-to-day work routine, or really what happens when I try to work with my kids around.

Do you work from home? And have toddlers?