You Can't Handle The Cute! 33 Of The Sweetest Parenting Moments

sweet baby smile
Could you just keel over from the cuteness?

Holy Cow, Have you seen this? Babble posted the 33 Sweetest Parenting Moments on Youtube, and despite my extreme lack of time to watch any of them, I am glued to my laptop watching video after video.

I’m not sure if the fact that I’ve had kids makes my heart tug at these videos more than they would in my pre-baby life, but all I know is I’ve said “OMG the CUTE!” out loud in my house several times this evening, and both my kids are asleep!

I particularly loved the following:

Dad gets into Crib- Although I’ve never actually gotten INTO my kids’ cribs, I’ve been in this situation countless times.

Strummin’ And Singin’ – This father daughter duet was really sweet. Little girl is a natural!

The Best Day Of School- Get out your tissues, this one is a killer, but in a good way.

Snooze Button – the most adorable little girl cannot stay awake (the opposite of my problems)!

Anna Hugs Daddy- This one really tugged at my heartstrings since it reminded me so much of both my boys. Fuzz is kind of like this now.

Take a few minutes to watch!!

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