You Never Know What Will Upset a 3-Year-Old

waves crashingLiving in Los Angeles, people have all kinds of parties, and last week we were lucky enough to go to one at the beach for a fellow classmate.

When we prepared for our beach party, I wanted to bring everything we needed but not as much as if we were going to the beach.  Shnook, who is almost four,  insisted on bringing his brand new aqua socks that I was saving for the rocky shores of Lake Champlain, where we are headed next week.

I let him wear them, because they might protect his feet from the hot sand.  The party was late in the day, but I knew the sun could still be strong.

As soon as we got to the party, the boys wanted to go into the waves as they did last time. The water was a lot warmer today, luckily.  They were having a blast running with us into the crashing surf until…

We lost one of his shoes.  Just like that, one of his little aqua socks was sucked up by the Pacific Ocean. I guess we’re lucky that it wasn’t his legs or his toes.

However, when I told that to the Shnook, it didn’t seem to do any good. I have never ever seen him so upset. Shnook does get attached to some things, but honestly he had only been wearing these shoes for about an hour, and it was the first time he had ever worn them.

“I want my shoe back!” he sobbed over and over again as all of us took a turn looking for it. All that kept washing back on the shore was a bunch of seaweed and a chunk of watermelon that Fuzz had dropped right before the shoe incident. Why did that come back and not the shoe?

We told him maybe a dolphin was wearing it. That did not help. I assured him we’d get him a new pair. Didn’t matter.

All of his friends from school tried to make him feel better, too, but to no avail. The Shnook could not be consoled. It was a wash (no pun intended).

We ended up leaving the party, which was the last time he saw all of his friends for the entire summer. I hope they remember him in other situations, and not just as the boy who lost his shoe and cried his brains out.

The funny thing is, I’m sure that shoe will wash up again someday. It might be when he’s in college though.

Does your toddler get upset over things you would never have suspected he might?

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