You Thought I Was Kidding, Right?


toddler screaming
Today, I was able to catch the beginning of one of Fuzz’s “moments” on camera. This perfectly describes my recent post with his lollipop demands, except this time, he wanted the camera. First, he climbed into his high chair by himself, and I was hoping to get some cute smiles and giggles for posterity. I got a hint of that in the beginning, but things quickly turned around.

The good news is, you get to hear his completely adorable “AaahDat!” (I want that).

I did not keep the camera going after this when it turned into a bonafide scream-a-thon. Kid is not even sixteen months. I think I’m in trouble. I’m sure you all want to know if I ended up giving it to him or not…

I didn’t, but he found it himself when I wasn’t looking. I have eight twelve-second movies to prove it.


P.S. He is totally obsessed with that orange plaid shirt and wants to wear it EVERY DAY…like he takes it out of the dirty laundry pile, covered with yogurt, and brings it to me every morning. Cute, right?