10 Easy Road Trip Snacks & Meals to Make


Before you head out on your holiday road trip, be prepared with these homemade snacks and meals for the whole family. Whip up French toast in a cup in only 2 minutes for everyone to start the trip off right. Bake up a healthier version of homemade Cheez-its for some road trip munchies. There’s even a great recipe for lunch or dinner on-the-go, and ways to use up your food at home before you hit the road.

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  • Cheez-Its 2 of 11

    Cook up a healthier version of Cheez-its by making them at home. Place them into little baggies to keep the car mess-free on the road. 

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  • Pop-Tarts 3 of 11

    Start the trip off right with breakfast "Pop-Tarts." These are so convenient, because they are even easy for little hands to eat by themselves so you can keep driving. Make a few different flavors and keep them fresh in a baggie.

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  • Honey Snickerdoodle Popcorn 4 of 11

    Cook up a batch of honey snickerdoodle popcorn to separate into individual bags for the kids to snack on. This is a great way to have a little something sweet on the road.

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  • Pretzel Candy Canes 5 of 11

    Bake a batch of pretzel candy canes to munch on in the car. These are easy for the kids to hold, and you can turn them into a car snack with cheese or fruit to go with it. 

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  • Scrap-Busting Granola Bars 6 of 11

    This is a great way to use up food in the house before you hit the road. Granola bars are also a food the kids can help you make and are easy for them to eat. Make a couple different ones to keep the kids from getting sick of them in the car.

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  • Bacon Cheddar Biscuits 7 of 11

    Prepare breakfast in a biscuit. If you're waking up early to pack in the car and go, these are an easy all-in-one breakfast option you can prepare the night before. You can have them for breakfast or to munch on as a snack. 

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  • Potato Chips 8 of 11

    Instantly cook up potato chips before you head out! Grab a potato and slice it up into potato chips. Toss them into the microwave to make instant potato chips in any flavor you'd like. Place these in baggies for the family to eat on the trip. 

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  • Hot Pockets 9 of 11

    Prepare lunch or dinner in a hot pocket that's easy to eat on the road. These can be prepared before you head out, and packed up to eat later. Fill them with veggies to keep them healthy. 

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  • Butternut Squash Muffins 10 of 11

    Put that butternut squash to use before you head out with these muffins. Muffins are easy to eat in the car and can hold you over until the next destination.

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  • French Toast in a Cup 11 of 11

    Whenever I think of heading out on road trips, early morning breakfast comes to mind. This simple recipe can be made in the microwave and handed out to everyone in the car to get you through the first stretch. 

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