10 Tips for Capturing Beautiful Photos On Your Trip

My older brother is an amazing photograph and has captured some truly stunning moments from around the world. A little while back I asked him to give me some tips before I headed out on my trip to Jordan with my family. I pretty much had a good grasp on the basics, but wanted some advice for composition, perspective, mastering the Rule of Thirds, and a few other details.

These 10 Tips for Capturing Beautiful Photos On Your Trip are a few pieces of advice he gave to me that work great for any photographer. For someone who is just starting out, don’t be afraid to be inspired by someone else’s work. Look at photos of the place you’re going before you get there and start to pick and choose what images you want to capture and how. There are even great tips for experienced photographers, like that don’t forget that it’s okay to break the rules too.

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  • Imitate the Work You Like 2 of 11

    If you are a little unsure where to start to develop your style, check out beautiful photos of the places you're going. Be inspired to capture the architecture, or maybe it's the people that really draws you in. Photos people have taken before of the same location can inspire you to take a second look at the world around you.
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  • Change Your Perspective 3 of 11

    Don't limit yourself to just standing and capturing the photo. Get down to get a new perspective, lay on your back, or climb up. You might surprise yourself at what a beautiful new perspective you can capture.
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  • Break the Rules 4 of 11

    If you feel compelled to take a photo that might not fit the "standard" don't let that stop you. Even a photo like this one tells a story. Capture people racing through the cities, it's okay if it's blurry, a photo like that can really convey the energy in a place.
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  • Pre-Visualize the Image 5 of 11

    Before you press the shutter, focus on the image in front of you. Use your fingers to create the frame you want and know the equipment you are working with. The more you know about your camera and lenses the more room you have to work with.
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  • Aperture Conveys the Mood 6 of 11

    Since the aperture determines the amount of light that goes through the lens, you can choose to capture a photo that is dark and moody or bright and airy.
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  • Practice Camera Exposure Theory 7 of 11

    Before you head out on the trip, practice with your aperture and shutter speed. The shutter speed needs to be balanced with the aperture to get a clear photo, however the way you set it creates the mood. Once you have a good idea of what style you prefer, head out on the trip to photograph just how you want to. Be creative and experiment.
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  • Bring a Tripod 8 of 11

    It might feel like one more thing to lug around, but there are plenty of options for easy to handle tripods that stow away. A tripod gives you the ability and stability to get the photo you want. Since it is stable you can use a lower shutter speed without worrying it will become blurry from your hands.
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  • Rule of Thirds 9 of 11

    Pretend your picture is a window and divide it into three columns and rows. This will help you compose it so that it is interesting and important subjects don't get lost. The middle is no place for the main subject, because it will get lost when your eyes wander to focus on interesting things around it.
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  • Light is Key 10 of 11

    Some of the best times to photograph are just as the sun is rising or right before it sets. The warm light creates for a very soft photo that is not filled with a bunch of harsh shadows.
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  • Vivid Photos with Vibrant Colors 11 of 11

    Have fun with color by looking for bold objects. People are drawn to color so this can definitely make for an enticing photo.
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Jaime Morrison Curtis is author of the bestselling book Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman), follow up fill-in journal My Prudent Advice, and founding co-editor at Pretty Prudent, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

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