Heading To Europe? Eurail Has A Special Offer For Visitors!


Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 4.34.39 PMPlanning a trip to Europe? I’ve looked into it myself several times, and one of the most popular forms of transportation both to and from European countries seems to be the train. It’s economical and fast considering the atrocious traffic you can experience in Europe. Starting on Satruday (February 1,) Eurail is offering a special “Early Bird” promotion where non-European residents can receive free travel days on Eurail Global Passes. They are open to adults, children and youth. It also includes the Saver Passes for groups of two to five people, offering an additional 15 percent off.

Taking advantage of the “Early Bird”campaign will provide you with two extra travel days for the 15-day Eurail Global Pass, three extra travel days for the 21-day Eurail Global Pass and five extra travel days for a one month Eurail Global continuous pass.

Extra time in Europe, without paying for the extra transportation? Win. Win.

For more information and to check out pricing, visit Eurail.

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